Map Business Online Desktop

Map Business Online Desktop is a non-browser based business mapping software that runs on Windows and MacOS desktop, laptop, and tablet computers. MBO Desktop is designed specifically for business mapping users who prefer to manage their maps from a desktop application as opposed to a Web browser. Coverage areas for MBO Desktop are the same as for regular map interface (MBO Web) and include USA, Canada, and United Kingdom.

Any Map Business Online user can utilize both MBO Desktop and MBO Web and access all maps saved in the cloud.

MBO for Desktop brings the all of powerful and easy-to-use features you’ve come to expect from Map Business Online. This NEW! Desktop version provides the following additional features:

  • NO ADOBE® FLASH PLAYER REQUIRED. Simply download Map Business Online setup package and run the installation to access Map Business Online.
  • No Clunky Browser Issues. Access your business maps from a direct application. No more dealing with Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Safari issues.
  • Faster & Easier Data Updates. MBO for Desktop accesses your files directly and therefore file selection is not required to update a dataset. MBO for Desktop saves time!

Map Business Online for Desktop offers advanced business mapping features like:

  • Easy-to-use sales territory mapping
  • Sales planning tools with optimized routing for the traveling sales professionals
  • Map-based market analysis, competitive analysis, expansion planning, and campaign results display
  • Detailed Census Demographics
  • Collaborative map editing and view only interactive Web map sharing

All existing help pages and video demonstrations remain applicable to Map Business Online Desktop.

Please don’t forget to register your Map Business Online account before downloading MBO Desktop.

System requirements

Before you install Map Business Online Desktop product, we recommend that you verify that your computer meets or exceeds the system requirements for the product.

Computer and processorAny CPU that supports running specified operating system (see below)
Memory4 GB of RAM
Hard disk2 GB of available hard drive space
Operating systemWindows XP or higher
Mac OS 10.9 or higher
InternetInternet connection. At least 4 Mbps is recommended.