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Color code map by ZIP codes, counties, or states

You can color code base maps using your data, for example by sales or customers count, or using demographic and Census data that is included in Map Business Online. See following help articles to learn how to plot your data on map:

Learn more about the benefits of creating and using color coded maps for your business here.

  1. Click ‘Color code map’ on Map Business Online toolbar.

  1. On the first page select map layer to color code: ZIP code, counties, or states. In the example below we select counties. Click ‘Next’.

  1. On the second page choose data for color-coding: supplied demographics or data from a plotted dataset (your business data). With your business data you can color-code by count of customers or business locations, by average or total sales or another business variable per geography (state, county, ZIP code, etc). You can exclude empty values for text data or negative/positive/zero values for numeric data. There is also the option to use unique values for numeric data.

    Select number of color groups and then set min and max values and color for each group. In the example below counties with median household income in $11,528 - $36,120 range are assigned light green color.

    You may have a map area with data not falling into any color group. In Map Business Online you can control how such map area is displayed. In the example below counties with household income outside of any specified income range will draw with white fill.

  1. Click ‘Done’ to color-code map.

  1. Hover mouse cursor over any map area to see information about that area. Ctrl-click a map area to display its label.

  1. Read following article on how to change labels for a map layer:
    Customize map layer labels.