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Why choose MapBusinessOnline?

MapBusinessOnline is a cloud business mapping software used by a large variety of businesses to organize and analyze their business data geographically. This map software can be used by any large or small business to visualize business data, manage sales territories, explore new markets, and optimize logistics. Simply import an Excel spreadsheet of your business data and visualize business resources, customers, and prospects against an accurate business map.

MapBusinessOnline is both affordable and easy-to-use while providing advanced geographic analysis tools for any business. No special training is required to run MapBusinessOnline. Organizations from a wide variety of industries leverage the power of a business map to:

  • Visualize customers and competitors – Expand business intelligence and inform strategic planning
  • Create and manage sales territories – Drive sales accountability and growth into the organization
  • Reduce fuel costs and improve productivity with multi-stop optimized vehicle routing and drive time analysis
  • Search, segment, and append business data sets with radius maps and data filters
  • Communicate with maps – Share map URLs, embed maps in presentations, print wall maps
  • Leverage the power of your team by setting up shared map editing capabilities

Featured solutions

Sales Territory Mapping

Many MapBusinessOnline customers use mapping software to create, manage, and justify sales territories. MapBusinessOnline makes it easy to create sales territories from spreadsheets or from scratch. Sales territory mapping is often based on ZIP codes, counties or states, but MBO lets you draw free form sales territories too. Learn More about our Sales Territory Mapping Software now.

MapPoint Replacement

MapBusinessOnline – the perfect Microsoft® MapPoint replacement for your enterprise. Look no further for up-to-date base-maps and street data. MBO provides the most affordable solution for optimized routing, easy address spreadsheet import, comprehensive sales territory mapping and full-featured geographic market analysis. Relax – you have found your MapPoint alternative.

Business Map Visualizations

Make informed decisions by visualizing your business’s data via MapBusinessOnline’s Business Mapping Software. Simply import your business data from a spreadsheet and instantly display your critical business locations against an accurate business web-map. Create map classifications based on your business categories. Use MapBusinessOnline to create coverage area maps, conduct event planning, and develop workflow analysis.

Learn How Our Customers are Succeeding with MapBusinessOnline

"MapBusinessOnline one of the most powerful tools I have as a Regional Channel Manager. It’s a difficult task to visually represent the vast amount of data that I have to present to my customers and team members. MBO makes it easy to represent, configure, and manipulate the data on to an effective map. A picture is worth a thousand words, and MBO allows me to create a perfect picture."

Ed Ku
Regional Channel Manager

"In a large company, with many layers of sales teams, sales management, territories, operations teams and distribution, it is vital to have a solution to quickly and easily display country and regional maps. I have tried multiple other mapping solutions in the past only to be frustrated by their limitations or by their complexity. MapBusinessOnline perfectly fits my need. MBO has the versatility to allow me to build somewhat complicated maps but also allows me to knock out the quick, one-off request. MBO continues to add features and I am excited to see what new features come out next."

Dave Perek
Sr Business Analyst
Schneider Electric

"I just wanted to say thank you for this amazing mapping tool! I've tried a number of sales territory map solutions and this is by far the best. I just (finally!) switched over from MapPoint and this is so much better, I wish I had switched sooner. Your videos and blog are also really helpful, though most things I have figured out on my own. It looks like I also have a lot more to discover as I explore the data visualization tools. Thanks again!"

Andrea Harrison
Business Analyst
Brainlab, Inc.

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