Map Business Online Data

Data Provided with Subscription

Each Map Business Online subscription includes associated geographic, demographic and business data for customer use. Listed below is a selection of datasets currently provided.

Spatial Datasets or Map Layers for reference or export


  • Census tracts
  • ZIP5 points & boundaries
  • ZIP3 boundaries
  • County boundaries
  • State boundaries
  • MSA
  • School districts
  • City limits
  • City points
  • Highways


  • County boundaries
  • Province boundaries
  • Postal code (FSA) boundaries


  • County boundaries
  • District boundaries
  • Postcode sectors

Demographic and Business Data

Map Business Online USA demographic data selections are sourced directly from the US Census Bureau except for the two most recent updates which we source as projection data from Geolytics Inc.

Canada demographics are provided by Statistics Canada. UK demographics are sourced through our UK business partner Lovell Johns.

Updates occur at regular intervals, typically following updates released by the government agencies responsible for the original data. Data updates are released sporadically by demographic agencies and we do our best to make them available in MBO as soon as practicable following agency releases.

Some of data categories provided:

PopulationPopulation NumberEachCensus, ACS
HouseholdsHousehold NumberEachCensus, ACS
Median Household IncomeDollarsEachCensus, ACS
% HouseholdsPercent%Census, ACS
Average Household SizePopulationEachCensus, ACS
Ages MedianAgeEachCensus, ACS
EthnicityPopulation NumberEachCensus, ACS
OccupationPopulation NumberEachCensus, ACS
RacePopulation NumberEachCensus, ACS
EmploymentPopulation NumberEachCensus, ACS
MinorityPopulation NumberEachCensus, ACS
Housing UnitsHousing UnitsEachCensus, ACS
EducationPopulation NumberEachCensus, ACS
Housing Units Median ValueDollarsEachCensus, ACS
Travel Time to WorkPopulation NumberEachCensus, ACS
VehiclesVehiclesEachCensus, ACS
Annual PayrollDollarsEachCensus, ACS
EmployeesPopulationEachCensus, ACS
EstablishmentsEstablishmentsEachCensus, ACS
Marital StatusPopulationEachCensus, ACS
FamiliesFamiliesEachCensus, ACS
Consumer ExpendituresDollarsEachGeolytics

Public Data

Map Business Online includes Public Data, a library of additional point datasets available for use in maps and for export. This data is found in the Plot Data dialog under Data Previously Uploaded - Public Data folder.

Some of the datasets available now:

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Data Available as a Separate Purchase

RealDatasets NAICS industry sector data

RealDatasets geodata offers NAICS, ZIP code-based market sector data across major industries for use in MBO. Overlaid on top of Map Business Online business maps, RealDatasets provides users a unique perspective on potential new market for products and service your business provides. Import RealDatasets into Map Business Online for heat map analysis, territory map prospect development and watch your business grow.