ZIP Code Mapping Benefits for Your Business:

  • Create sales territory maps by ZIP code. County, state or other district options are also available.
  • Visualize your market and demographics by ZIP code areas
  • Search ZIP code data by radius, polygon or drive time area. Export lists of ZIP codes along with Census data such as population and household income.
  • Look up ZIP codes by city, county or state
  • Plot your customers on a map by ZIP code

Selected MapBusinessOnline features

Design and visualize sales territories

Easily create and manage sales territories by ZIP code, county or state. Search your business data within specified sales territories. Use ZIP code mapping to define your critical areas of interest.

Display demographic maps by ZIP code

Create ZIP code maps that display imported business data against demographic maps. Explore new markets or identify business patterns or social trends that could affect your business.

Search ZIP code data with radius and polygon tools

MBO ZIP code mapping software enables you to explore critical business data within specific circle or polygon areas. You can also export ZIP code demographics, territory information or marketing lists for use outside of the application.

Search ZIP codes in full-featured tabular view

MBO ZIP code mapping software provides tabular views with extensive data search and filtering capabilities. Display search outputs on a map, create routes from query results or export results for use outside the MapBusinessOnline.

Plot business locations by ZIP code

Map business data from various sources by street address, city name, or ZIP code. Plot 250,000 or more locations on a map at once. All you need to start is a spreadsheet with business data.

Color code maps by ZIP code

Create color-coded ZIP code maps that enhance strategic planning and analysis through data visualization. Use these maps to conduct business analysis that compares Census demographic data at your business locations.

Create state or regional ZIP map views

Filter map view to show only selected states or regions. Create local maps that display only certain ZIP codes from your market area or within a radius.

Print large format ZIP code maps

Our ZIP code mapping solution helps you visualize ZIP code maps and sales territories in full-color wall printed maps as large as 60” x 60”.

Share ZIP code maps

Communicate sales accountability with shared interactive ZIP code territory maps. Shared Web maps allow colleagues to view key territory information, conduct queries, or pan and zoom map.

You're in Good Company

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A leading provider of automated storage and retrieval systems, Kardex Remstar has a multi-layered distribution network in North America. Mapping regional sales territories and sales districts using ZIP codes and states. Kardex Remstar tapped into MBO territory creation services to make the process quick and easy. Detailed ZIP code tables were converted by MapBusinessOnline into multiple maps describing their distribution network, sales coverage by customer segment, and product maps.

"The product is phenomenal and the support even better."

Sales Manager

"We use MapBusinessOnline to prepare for sales meetings. The program’s territory mapping enables color-coded sales territories by zip-code helping to define sales responsibilities and keeping our focus on selling."

Christie Shedd
Operations Manager
AFTCO Bluewater

"MapBusinessOnline has helped my organization visualize our territories in very little time. I created maps that allowed us to see where we are doing well and where we may be struggling. Getting this information has helped us capitalize on our opportunities and build our brand throughout the country."

Elwin Warsh
Strategic Sales Analyst
The Honest Kitchen

Why Choose ZIP Code Mapping Solutions From MapBusinessOnline?

MapBusinessOnline is an experienced business mapping solutions provider that has been producing USA mapping software since 1996. All ZIP code data is compiled by the world’s foremost GIS exports, ensuring the highest possible reliability. You’ll be able to create extremely accurate territory and coverage area maps that will have a positive impact on your business results.

Our software features the easiest user interface of any comparable software product – it’s the easiest sales territory mapping solution available anywhere. You also get the benefit of world-class customer support. Our low price ensures you get the best value for your money. MapBusinessOnline is the most affordable way to enhance your business intelligence.

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