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SpatialTEQ Releases MapBusinessOnline 4.2!

We are proud to announce the release of 4.2 - affordable sales, marketing and business planning tools for organizations in the USA, Canada and the UK. MapBusinessOnline (MBO) 4.2, expands MBO’s cloud-based sales territory mapping solution to include Canada, while offering an extensive list of geospatial features dedicated to enhancing sales and marketing analysis.

Sales Territory Mapping for Canada

MBO 4.2 provides a full Canadian subscription complete with provincial, county, and FSA map layers. Users of Canada will be able to create and manage sales territories, generate radius or polygon postal code maps, and access Statistics Canada demographic data while benefiting from existing MBO features.

Advanced Market Analysis Tools

With the 4.2 release MapBusinessOnline now offers a dedicated Market Analysis Tool with options for querying distances to multiple store locations, calculating customer records located within a radius of multiple store locations, and estimating the sales potential by store location. This powerful Market Analysis Tool adds automation to MBO’s existing concentric circle analysis.

Easy Data Update

MapBusinessOnline 4.2 includes the ability to conduct mass updates to specific columns of previously imported data, avoiding the need to re-import user data. Color coding and symbology settings will be preserved through the update process. An Application Programming Interface (API) that supports data updates will be available upon request and at an additional service fee.

MSA, Census Tracts, ZIP3, and city limits

With MBO 4.2 USA users will have access to more map data layers including MSAs – Metropolitan Statistical Areas, Census Tracts, ZIP3 (3 Digit zip code areas), and city boundary limits. Matching demographic data will be available for these additional map layer segments.

Heat Maps and Enhanced Color Coding Options

With this release MBO will offer classic Heat Map views of imported datasets. Heat maps match data values with color gradations to display hot spots on the map.

Additional color coding effects have been added including more labeling and color shading options for color codes by circles. Color coding by area now supports up to 100 shades and the setting of custom shades. Chart symbolization now includes column charts and has been expanded to support up to six data columns. Color code by symbol will allow up to 56 ranges and will support the creation of custom ranges and unique ID’s. Other features include support for copying color code ranges symbology, color coding upon data import, and enhanced map layer label options.

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