MapBusinessOnline newsletter – April 2017

MBO Discussion - Is it Time to Explore Collaborative Team Editing?

Has your company considered MBO Team Edition? Team subscribers can conduct collaborative map editing with other teammates while benefiting from volume discounts that start at the five-user level up to 30% off user pricing, at higher volumes. Click the MapShare button and explore Private Sharing.

More and more companies are discovering MBO Team Mapping as a way to solve business challenges through collaborative mapping. You'll find MBO Team users in a variety of business sectors including: government, healthcare, industrial sales, insurance, marketing, retail and subscription services - to name just a few industries. Why go it alone when you can focus your best minds on your toughest problems?

Next MBO Webinar - Advanced Territory Mapping

Join us on May 25, 2017 at 11:00 EST for a Webinar dedicated to the MBO 5.0 release - Advanced Territory Mapping. We'll explore setting up Territories, Regions and Districts on one map layer; territory boundary lines, and reverse spatial queries. Register here to attend our territory mapping webinar.

Here's a link to last month's webinar on Calculated Data Columns.

MBO Tips & Tricks - Look for the Blue Puzzle Piece

Whenever you see a Blue Puzzle Piece icon know that a territory function is waiting there. So, when you select a ZIP Code or county on the map and the Blue Puzzle Piece icon starts following you around, that means you can create, add, or edit a territory from your selection.

In the Data Window toolbar, you'll find two Blue Puzzle Piece toolbar buttons.
The left option lets you create a new empty territory. The right option lets you create new or edit existing territories. Perhaps, you have a list of ZIP codes you've gathered in the Data Window and you want to keep these as a territory for Roscoe, the new counter sales guy. But you've got more work to do and your husband just called to say he bashed up the car again. Use this button to create a placeholder territory named Roscoe. Later, when you're done editing, you can finalize Roscoe's territory. Now go rescue your husband. Remember - your birthday or anniversary is coming up.

Wicked Slow Video - How to Import Data into MBO

This section is not for fast learners or for people in a hurry. It's for users who learn by watching slowly. I usually try to keep videos to three minutes or even less - that's why this section is usually called Lighting Videos. But Jason and I speak with many users who require a slower paced learning experience; one that doesn't assume people grasp new technology quickly. So, if you'd like more videos at this slower speed please request them for specific subjects. I'll identify them, like this one on importing data, as "Slow & Easy, Step by Step Instructions." Let us know.

MBO Feature of the Month - School Data

Quite a few MBO users work in the field of education. You use MBO to plan bus routes, field trips, and to conduct business that involves school facilities. Well, you should know that MBO Premium Layers and Public Data include a variety of school related datasets. Premium layers, available to annual subscribers, are accessible here and include School districts (secondary, elementary & unified) as a map layer with boundaries - like ZIP codes. You can also access education related point data in the Public Data option found through the Plot Data button. In the Import Data window choose the lower option and drop down to Public Data to access Private, Public, and Schools data layers. These data sets have extensive information included in each layer. Have fun!

MBO Community - Resumè Skills Include Business Mapping

There is power in mapping. Most organizations have yet to discover the power of location intelligence; the detail in demographic market analysis; or the cost savings business mapping software can bring to a sales department. Be the associate who discovers business mapping. Make a name for yourself by instituting MapBusinessOnline in your organization.

Business mapping can help any department solve problems. At $299.95 per user per year you will be known as an associate who solves problems cost effectively using advanced technology. Be a hero. Be that Map Geek.

Suggested resumè skill-set language - "Geospatial business software specialist." This is a great talking point on a job interview...

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