MapBusinessOnline newsletter – January 2015

This news article is designed to update and assist the users of MapBusinessOnline. We encourage the sharing of your mapping needs and feature ideas because it is you - the growing MBO user base - that is shaping future of MapBusinessOnline. Please send us your feature requests and we will do our best to address them.

SpatialTEQ Releases 4.4!

We have released 4.4 - affordable business mapping software for sales, marketing and territory planning professionals in the U.S.A., Canada and the U.K. With 4.4 MBO users will be able to overlay vector layers of cities and roads on top of sales territory maps, demographic maps or business planning maps. In addition, 4.4 provides a series of enhanced account management tools controlling the set-up of map editing teams, groups of annual subscribers interested in sharing map editing capabilities.

U.S. Road & City Vector Layers

City and road vector layers are new optional map layers that provide accurate, labeled line and point layers to be used as overlays on user maps. This frequently requested feature adds additional visual references to advanced business mapping applications, like sales territory management. MBO map editors will be able to clearly define and display road networks that are relevant to their map’s mission. For instance, a major highway line might be used to define general areas of sales responsibility on a sales territory map. Or city labels can provide obvious reference points for urban areas without covering shaded areas with boundaries or additional coloring. The user will be able to pick and choose street or city layers from a list of map layers. Sources for additional map layers include © OpenStreetMap contributors’ data. New vector layers are powered by SpatialTEQ’s proprietary FastMappingServer (FMS) map-attribute rendering engine.

Team Account Management

MBO 4.4 team account management, for annual subscribers only, will enable easier purchasing and upgrading options so that businesses can easily move users into and out of team editing groups. Controls will enable the selection of total user quantities at discounted prices. MBO team users will now receive additional map allowances including up to 400 saved maps per user, and up to 2400 MapShare sessions per user per year. MBO users will be able to purchase additional shared maps and multi-stop routing allocations. MBO 4.4 provides users with the ability to shift account log-in credentials from one email address to another.

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