MapBusinessOnline newsletter – March-April 2015

MapBusinessOnline for Salesforce

MapBusinessOnline is now integrated with CRM leader users can assess MapBusinessOnline from within Salesforce. Once you’ve subscribed, simply drop down on the Salesforce Sales menu and launch MapBusinessOnline. You’ll find the usual MBO user interface with a few added benefits:

  • Import account and contact records direct from with time and financial filtering choices
  • Click on location points on the map and select the Salesforce Inquiry button to view records in Salesforce while perusing MBO
  • Convert MBO marketing lists or geographic queries into campaigns in

You can access MapBusinessOnline for Salesforce in the AppExchange. Pricing options are just as affordable as the regular MBO options. If you are an existing MBO user interested in migrating to the Salesforce version contact us for a migration path. For more information refer to our help site.

MapBusinessOnline Team Editing

Remember to consider team map editing solutions now available for full year subscriber teams of five or more MBO users. Collaborative map editing is a great solution for shared sales territory map accountability, team marketing analysis, or operational planning.

MBO shared map editing tools let users establish a base business map and then share that map with designated users. Remember, team editing more than just the usual map viewing capability already available in MBO. Team editors can actually change the mapping structure of a shared map. Team editors can be designated as data editors, map editors, or both.

Experience the power of shared mapping in your organization. We’ve already got sales organizations team sharing sales planning maps, updating quarterly sales results, or simply providing feedback on customer visits. Marketing agencies can share demographic analysis and customer maps with clients making their work even more valuable. Explore MapBusinessOnline Team Editing today.

MapBusinessOnline Market Analysis

About a year ago we added a market analysis tool to MapBusinessOnline. The tool (a bulls-eye icon on the tool bar) lets users compare two distinct locations datasets to:

  • Develop marketing lists based on radius searches of one dataset vs. a second dataset
  • Create circles around up to two hundred points at once
  • Derive distances from customers to stores, patients to medical facilities, or other such comparisons
  • Determine the number of customers within a proximity of multiple store locations

Tell us how you are using the Market Analysis tool. If you have the most interesting application of the tool and let us share the story you could win a $100 gift certificate to the vendor of your choice. Please email your story to us.

Demographic Data Updates for the USA and Canada

Last month MBO release included a demographic data update for the USA and Canada. The USA data received a 2013 Census update. We think you’ll agree that MBO USA demographic data options are quite useful for business mapping and analysis. USA subscribers have access to over a dozen demographic options broken down by various segments. Remember, in addition to the usual county, state and zip code geographies you can access demographic data by Census tract, Metropolitan Statistical Area, zip 3, and city limits. And we threw in city and highway layers to overlay on top of territory and demographic map views.

Canadian demographic data was also updated to include the following additional Canadian demographic data categories: age, education, employment, ethnicity, housing units, minority, and occupation.