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SpatialTEQ Releases MapBusinessOnline 4.3!

We have released 4.3 - affordable business mapping software for sales, marketing and planning professionals in the U.S.A., Canada and the U.K. 4.3 (MBO 4.3) provides the ability for multiple users to edit a shared map, enhanced privacy controls for shared mapping projects, an expanded array of U.S. Census Bureau demographic data layers, as well as an assortment of new features requested by our valued customers and targeted at coming on board ex-MapPoint users.

Team Map Editing of Shared Maps

MBO 4.3 enables multi-user editing of shared maps by subscribers following a serialized workflow. Business data imported into the MBO Cloud can also be edited simultaneously by multiple users, and reloaded to bring recent data edits on map. Shared map access level can be enabled at group level through new team management controls.

Advanced Security for Shared Maps

MBO 4.3 provides enhanced security to protect the privacy of shared maps and imported business data. Saved maps can be shared privately safeguarding proprietary information. Map creators can share maps and data layers with designated individuals or a select group of team members. Shared map access levels are now assignable and will determine who can view or access map editing controls. Publicly shared interactive web-maps are now password protected and come with data export control of shared data.

Expanded Demographic Mapping and New Map Layers

MBO 4.3 Demographic Data options have been updated and greatly expanded to include the latest Census and ACS results in the following categories: age, commute times, education, employment, ethnicity, gender, house-holds, housing units, income, occupation, population, race, religion, rent data, and vehicle data. Demographic data remains exportable and sharable under subscriber license limits.

Map layers and public datasets available to MBO users now include point zip codes (no area zip codes), cities and towns, settlements, and school districts with school information.

Map Templates

New map template folder allows MapBusinessOnline map editors to save template maps. Map templates are common maps saved for creating new maps based on established map configurations.

Additional Features

Additional features include: greater number of color-coding ranges and options, enhanced and expanded sales territory mapping tools, and drive time polygons are now based on distance traveled in addition to time. Annual map sharing allowances are increased to 2,400 per year. Optimized routing allowances are increased for subscribers and shared map viewers. To accommodate an influx of former Microsoft MapPoint users, MapBusinessOnline development will focus on areas where MapPoint and MBO differ to create an optimum MapPoint alternative.

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