MapBusinessOnline newsletter – September 2015 4.6 - Market Analysis & Drawing Tools Enhancements

SpatialTEQ Inc., publisher of North America's premier affordable business mapping software, announced the release of 4.6 (MBO) - enhanced market analysis mapping software for sales and marketing professionals across North America and the UK. With this release MapBusinessOnline business mapping software introduces improvements to market analysis tools, data summarization reporting, and a variety of additional enhancements, based on user feedback.

All existing MBO subscribers will have immediate access to all new software features when they log into the business mapping application.

Enhanced Market Analysis

With this release the MBO analysis tools have been expanded to enable the summarization of demographic data for multiple locations by census tracts or block groups. Market analysis conducted on a list of locations will now include the ability to perform full demographic analysis defined by a radius. Additionally, MBO will allow the inclusion of other map layer data in location analysis, enabling the ability to easily append demographic data from counties, ZIP codes, or ZIP3 layers to customer dataset. Last but not least, MBO users will be able to analyze a selected business dataset against itself using Market Analysis.

MBO subscribers utilizing the new summarize data by district reporting will now be able to copy the report data to a clipboard for use outside of the business mapping application.

Better Drawing Tools

MBO 4.6 introduces an enhanced set of drawing tools now including free form sales territory creation and editing. Two free form curve drawing tools have been added to the list of drawing tool options, one for curved areas and another for curved lines. Existing draw functions have been improved and now allow a user to draw polygon or line objects with a few mouse clicks.

New ZIP5 Options

MapBusinessOnline will now include the option to color fill ZIP5 layer holes. ZIP5 postal codes exclude national parks and extremely rural areas, which can leave holes in territories defined by ZIP code. This new feature allows users to defined ZIP code based market areas and sales territories with consistent color shading across the USA.

Other Improvements

MapBusinessOnline will now provide street base map options over included satellite and aerial imagery layers at all zoom levels.

An area field option has been added to all map layer selections in MapBusinessOnline. This option enables the ability to measure density of imported data points by square mile or kilometer.

Other enhancements include the option to choose between kilometers and miles as a measure setting by map, a full set of undo and redo commands for drawing tools, Drive Time analysis has been increased to 300 minutes, and the ability to rename previously saved map files.