May 2018 – U.S. Map Set

What’s new?

  • All boundary layers have been updated including USPS ZIP codes
  • New ZIP codes with fillers layer. Filler geographies are now split and merged into neighbor ZIP codes
  • ACS 2016 demographics have been added
  • New map set includes Congressional districts layer

How do you upgrade to new map set?

When opening an existing map MBO will prompt you to upgrade to the latest map set. All new maps are based on the new map set by default!

What may work differently after you upgrade?

  • Your existing territories will change their boundaries! That’s because alignment layers have changed. For example about 10% of ZIP codes have been split or merged.
  • As mentioned above we have new ZIP codes with fillers layer. No fillers anymore! Just existing ZIP codes have become larger to cover unpopulated areas. That means your existing territories built on ZIP fillers will significantly reshape.
  • Otherwise just enjoy recent and accurate maps.

Whenever you need our help with upgrading maps to new map set, don’t hesitate and contact us at any time.