Open MapPoint files - MapBusinessOnline
Open MapPoint files. To open MapPoint map file (*.ptm) in MapBusinessOnline you just need a PC running Windows operating system with Microsoft® Excel and MapPoint installed. And certainly the Map Conversion Tool. That’s all! Here are more details on the environment: Microsoft® Windows XP or higher; Microsoft® Excel 2007 or higher

MapPoint migration tips -
Requirements to input Excel file are pretty much the same for MapPoint and MBO. Usually Web App imports data file while Windows App links to data file. Thematic maps. MapPoint has Data mapping wizard. It pops up at the end of Import data wizard or you can call it from Data menu. In MBO we call the feature color-coding.

Export territory assignments to a file - MapBusinessOnline
Click Export button on the Data window's toolbar. Export data wizard will start. On the first page of the wizard check the "Export only records assigned to a territory", "Segment data records by territory" boxes and choose Territories in the territory layer box. Click Next button. Finish Export data wizard to save the territory assignments file.

Map Data from Microsoft Excel with MapBusinessOnline
MapBusinessOnline supports a variety of Microsoft Excel file formats (xls and xlsx) starting from Excel 97-2003. To map your data from Microsoft Excel, follow the steps below: If your data comes from a CRM system, a contact manager application, or an accounting package, importing data should be a breeze.

Copy & paste data from spreadsheet - MapBusinessOnline
Click Next. On Select data page choose Copy & paste tab. That’s where you will paste your data. Go to your spreadsheet program and copy a data range you want to plot. Make sure that it includes column headers. Go back to MapBusinessOnline and press Control-V combination on your keyboard. You will see that data appears in the paste area.

Prepare data for plotting - MapBusinessOnline
Prepare data for plotting. Need more information? Contact us! Usually customer or business data comes in the format supported by MapBusinessOnline. Importing such data is a no-brainer. Make sure that your data matches the simple rules defined below: Address information must be split into Street address, City, State, and ZIP code columns.

Add Multiple Locations on a Map One by One | MapBusinessOnline
Add multiple locations on map one by one. In MapBusinessOnline you can add multiple locations on map at once by plotting data from Excel file.In case when you have few locations and they are not yet in a file you can add location directly on map.

Windows & Main toolbar - MapBusinessOnline
Quick access toolbar. Quick access toolbar is on the top of Main toolbar with the following features: Search an address on the map. Undo and redo a map change. View and edit the map options. Show or hide Main toolbar, change the toolbar’s style. Name of the current map. Access Account or Subscription on Web site.

Manually create territories one-by-one
MapBusinessOnline makes it easy for sales professionals to build sales territory maps by ZIP code, county, state or Census Tract. Whether you define your sales territories by selecting geography units on a map, with the radius tool, or the demographic data search –MapBusinessOnline is your best choice.

Color code dataset locations with symbols
To color code data with symbols click ‘Color code with symbols’ icon on the toolbar. If you have plotted several data files on map, select one to color code and click ‘Next’ button. Otherwise just skip this step. Check the box if you want to summarize data by territory/geography such as State, County, or ZIP code.