Open MapPoint files - Map Business Online
Open MapPoint files. To open MapPoint map file (*.ptm) in MapBusinessOnline you just need a PC running Windows operating system with Microsoft® Excel and MapPoint installed. And certainly the Map Conversion Tool. That’s all! Here are more details on the environment: Microsoft® Windows XP or higher; Microsoft® Excel 2007 or higher

MapPoint migration tips - Map Business Online
Requirements to input Excel file are pretty much the same for MapPoint and MBO. Usually Web App imports data file while Windows App links to data file. Thematic maps. MapPoint has Data mapping wizard. It pops up at the end of Import data wizard or you can call it from Data menu. In MBO we call the feature color-coding.

Update data from file - Map Business Online
Update data from file. This article describes how to update data that you previously plotted on a map. Related article: Plot data from Microsoft® Excel. Map Business Online creates a snapshot of your data when you plot it on a map. You can edit the data using Map Business Online tools.

Map Data from Microsoft Excel with MapBusinessOnline
MapBusinessOnline supports a variety of Microsoft Excel file formats (xls and xlsx) starting from Excel 97-2003. To map your data from Microsoft Excel, follow the steps below: If your data comes from a CRM system, a contact manager application, or an accounting package, importing data should be a breeze.

Batch calculate distances and drive times, single location
Batch calculate distances and drive times, single location. This article demonstrates how to batch calculate distances and drive times from a specified location to all or a subset of locations in a dataset.

Add Multiple Locations on a Map One by One | MapBusinessOnline
Add multiple locations on map one by one. In MapBusinessOnline you can add multiple locations on map at once by plotting data from Excel file.In case when you have few locations and they are not yet in a file you can add location directly on map.

Create Drive Time Polygon around a map point | Search data ...
MapPoint migration; Import MapPoint map; MapPoint migration tips; FAQ; Open and save files in Safari Web browser on macOS; Run the Web App in Firefox Web browser; Change account email address; Run the Web App in Google® Chrome; Setup Single Sign-On Service; Market data; Use RealDatasets Market Data; Account; Account information; Subscription ...

Create territories by ZIP code from file - Map Business Online
This article demonstrates how to build ZIP code sales territories from a file with existing territory assignments. Related article: Create territories by county or state from file. Related article: Design sales territories by ZIP code. In MapBusinessOnline you can create sales territories by various alignment layers including ZIP codes, counties, states, Census tracts and MSA.

Create a Radius Map with ZIP Codes | MapBusinessOnline
In MapBusinessOnline you can search ZIP codes or counties by circle or polygon. You can export found map areas including aggregated business or Census demographic data to a file. Learn more about the benefits of creating and using zip code radius maps for your business here. First, turn on ZIP codes on your map.

Color Code Maps by ZIP code, County, States or Territory ...
Plot data from text file; Learn more about the benefits of creating and using color coded maps for your business here. Click ‘Color code map’ on MapBusinessOnline toolbar. On the first page select a layer to color code: territory layer, ZIP codes, counties, or states. In the example below we select counties. Click ‘Next’.