Open MapPoint files - MapBusinessOnline
Open MapPoint files. To open MapPoint map file (*.ptm) in MapBusinessOnline you just need a PC running Windows operating system with Microsoft® Excel and MapPoint installed. And certainly the Map Conversion Tool. That’s all! Here are more details on the environment: Microsoft® Windows XP or higher; Microsoft® Excel 2007 or higher

MapPoint migration tips -
Requirements to input Excel file are pretty much the same for MapPoint and MBO. Usually Web App imports data file while Windows App links to data file. Thematic maps. MapPoint has Data mapping wizard. It pops up at the end of Import data wizard or you can call it from Data menu. In MBO we call the feature color-coding.

Export territory assignments to a file - MapBusinessOnline
Click Export button on the Data window's toolbar. Export data wizard will start. On the first page of the wizard check the "Export only records assigned to a territory", "Segment data records by territory" boxes and choose Territories in the territory layer box. Click Next button. Finish Export data wizard to save the territory assignments file.

Copy & paste data from spreadsheet - MapBusinessOnline
Click Next. On Select data page choose Copy & paste tab. That’s where you will paste your data. Go to your spreadsheet program and copy a data range you want to plot. Make sure that it includes column headers. Go back to MapBusinessOnline and press Control-V combination on your keyboard. You will see that data appears in the paste area.

Open and save files in Safari Web browser on macOS
Open and save files in Safari Web browser on macOS. In certain versions of macOS the Safari browser may run the Flash player in Safe mode. In that mode it’s not possible to open or save a file in MapBusinessOnline. This article explains how to turn off the Safe mode. Go to the link depending on Mac OS you have installed: High Sierra 10.13 and ...

Install MapBusinessOnline customization package for ...
Download MapBusinessOnline customization package by following the link below. Save the file downloaded to your computer. MapBusinessOnline customization package for CRM 2015 and later MapBusinessOnline customization package for CRM 2011-2013 ; Open CRM Online and select Settings->Customization->Solutions. Click ‘Import’ on the Solutions page.

Calculated data columns | MapBusinessOnline
Calculated data columns. In MapBusinessOnline you can define new data column as a function of other existing data in a map layer or dataset. It works like an Excel formula except that in MBO you define the formula or script once at the data column level and not at each cell level.

Create Drive Time Polygon around a map point | Search data ...
At the found center location you will see the mini toolbar. Click polygon icon on the toolbar to create a drive time (distance) polygon. In the dialog that will appear choose whether to define polygon by time or distance and enter desired time (distance) value. For drive time option you can also choose start time and day of week to tell ...

Delete a territory - MapBusinessOnline
Select Territories layer in Data window. If you move mouse cursor over a territory or select territory (es), you will see the cross icon in the left-most column of Data window. Click it to delete the territory (es). An alternative approach is to use "Manage territories" dialog. Click Manage icon on the Data window’s toolbar (see the picture ...

Change territory color, transparency & outline
Open Map & Data window if it is not already open. Move mouse pointer over territory layer name and click gear icon that will appear. ‘Manage map and data’ dialog with territory layer options will pop up. Slide Transparency to desired level. As you can see on the picture above the territory layer options also contain line color and style.