Map Data from Microsoft Excel with MapBusinessOnline
MapBusinessOnline supports a variety of Microsoft Excel file formats (xls and xlsx) starting from Excel 97-2003. To map your data from Microsoft Excel, follow the steps below: If your data comes from a CRM system, a contact manager application, or an accounting package, importing data should be a breeze.

Getting started - MapBusinessOnline
Getting started. Is MapBusinessOnline (MBO) Brand New to You? Please check these simple instructions on getting started. MapBusinessOnline is a cloud-based application that natively runs on desktop, laptop, and tablet computers operated by Windows or macOS.

Delete a territory - MapBusinessOnline
Select Territories layer in Data window. If you move mouse cursor over a territory or select territory (es), you will see the cross icon in the left-most column of Data window. Click it to delete the territory (es). An alternative approach is to use "Manage territories" dialog. Click Manage icon on the Data window’s toolbar (see the picture ...

Copy & paste data from spreadsheet - MapBusinessOnline
Click Next. On Select data page choose Copy & paste tab. That’s where you will paste your data. Go to your spreadsheet program and copy a data range you want to plot. Make sure that it includes column headers. Go back to MapBusinessOnline and press Control-V combination on your keyboard. You will see that data appears in the paste area.

Install MapBusinessOnline customization package for ...
Download MapBusinessOnline customization package by following the link below. Save the file downloaded to your computer. MapBusinessOnline customization package for CRM 2015 and later MapBusinessOnline customization package for CRM 2011-2013 ; Open CRM Online and select Settings->Customization->Solutions. Click ‘Import’ on the Solutions page.

Search ZIP codes in a territory - MapBusinessOnline
MapBusinessOnline automatically opens Data window and selects the plotted ZIP code dataset in the window. Click the yellow puzzle with binocular button on the Data window’s toolbar. In the dialog that will popup choose the first option to search data inside selected territories. Click Next button. In the next dialog select a territory you ...

Plot data from ACT! - MapBusinessOnline
Once ACT! data records are in Excel, you can either save them in a file and plot from there, or copy-paste the data records directly into MBO. Follow the instructions in Copy & paste data from spreadsheet article to plot your data. Things you can do with ACT! data in MapBusinessOnline. You can plot more than one dataset or records lookup on a map.

Windows & Main toolbar - MapBusinessOnline
Quick access toolbar. Quick access toolbar is on the top of Main toolbar with the following features: Search an address on the map. Undo and redo a map change. View and edit the map options. Show or hide Main toolbar, change the toolbar’s style. Name of the current map. Access Account or Subscription on Web site.

Search data in polygon - MapBusinessOnline
Search data in polygon. You can search any dataset you have added to map inside polygon area as following: First of all plot your data on map. Read following article on how to do that: Plot data from Microsoft® Excel. Zoom into map area you want to search. Enter center location address, city, or ZIP code into search box and click search icon.

Color code dataset locations with symbols
To color code data with symbols click ‘Color code with symbols’ icon on the toolbar. If you have plotted several data files on map, select one to color code and click ‘Next’ button. Otherwise just skip this step. Check the box if you want to summarize data by territory/geography such as State, County, or ZIP code.