Getting started - MapBusinessOnline
Getting started. Is MapBusinessOnline (MBO) Brand New to You? Please check these simple instructions on getting started. MapBusinessOnline is a cloud-based application that natively runs on desktop, laptop, and tablet computers operated by Windows or macOS.

Update data from file - MapBusinessOnline
Update data from file. This article describes how to update data that you previously plotted on a map. Related article: Plot data from Microsoft® Excel. MapBusinessOnline creates a snapshot of your data when you plot it on a map. You can edit the data using MapBusinessOnline tools.

Segment customer dataset by territory - MapBusinessOnline
The segmented data export option is available in Data window. Open Data window if it is not already open. On the Data window's toolbar select your customer dataset. Click Export button on the Data window's toolbar. Export data wizard will start. On the first page of the wizard check the "Segment data records by territory" box and choose ...

Search ZIP codes in a territory - MapBusinessOnline
MapBusinessOnline automatically opens Data window and selects the plotted ZIP code dataset in the window. Click the yellow puzzle with binocular button on the Data window’s toolbar. In the dialog that will popup choose the first option to search data inside selected territories. Click Next button. In the next dialog select a territory you ...

Look up territory for a customer - MapBusinessOnline
Start by plotting your customer dataset on map and building sales territories. Refer to these articles if you need help on the topics: Plot data from Microsoft® Excel, Manually create territories one-by-one, Import territories from a file. One option to view territory name for a customer is to add territory name to location callout.

Create a Heat Map Online with MapBusinessOnline
Click ‘Heat map’ icon on MapBusinessOnline toolbar. Select dataset (if you have more than one on map) that you want to use in heat map. Click ‘Next’ button. Choose heat map options: color scheme and heat radius. You can create heat by locations count (each location has the same heat level) or by values in a data column.

Import ZIP Code Territories from CRM - MapBusinessOnline
See how to import territories from CRM in a map. Learn about the benefits of sales territories defined by geography in a business mapping software over attribute-based territories in a CRM system. Figure the difference between point and boundary ZIP codes. Create continuous and compact sales territories with MapBusinessOnline.

Map drawings tips & tricks
If Map & Data window is not visible then click Map & Data tab centered on the left side of the map. Click gear icon on Map & Data window toolbar. ‘Manage map and data’ dialog will pop up. Inside ‘Manage map and data’ dialog select ‘Map options’ page and click ‘Delete all drawings’. Click ‘Yes’ to confirm deleting all drawings.

Run the Web App in Google® Chrome - MapBusinessOnline
Run the Web App in Google® Chrome. This article demonstrates how to enable Adobe® Flash Player in Chrome Web browser in order to run MapBusinessOnline Web App. Follow a link below depending on the version of Chrome you have installed. To view Chrome’s version just enter chrome://help in the address bar and hit Enter. Chrome 76 or later.

Plot data from ACT! - MapBusinessOnline
Once ACT! data records are in Excel, you can either save them in a file and plot from there, or copy-paste the data records directly into MBO. Follow the instructions in Copy & paste data from spreadsheet article to plot your data. Things you can do with ACT! data in MapBusinessOnline. You can plot more than one dataset or records lookup on a map.