Create a Radius Map with ZIP Codes | MapBusinessOnline
Click your mouse button over the center location and move your mouse to draw a radius. When your desired radius is reached, release the mouse button. ‘Create or edit territory’ wizard will start. If you have more than one dataset or map layer on your map, the following page will appear. Select ZIP codes and click the Next button.

Make a radius map
Enter desired radius and click ‘Set radius’ button. MapBusinessOnline will add radius to map - 50 miles radius around 92373 in our example. Click magnifying glass icon on the mini-toolbar. Map will zoom to the radius and your radius map is ready! You can continue and print a large radius map as following. Click printer icon on main toolbar.

Make business coverage map
Make business coverage map. This article shows how to highlight area on map where you do business. Let’s say you have Excel file with your customer locations in Texas and you want to create coverage map by ZIP code - color ZIP codes where you have customers.

Color Code Maps by ZIP code, County, States or Territory ...
Plot data from text file; Learn more about the benefits of creating and using color coded maps for your business here. Click ‘Color code map’ on MapBusinessOnline toolbar. On the first page select a layer to color code: territory layer, ZIP codes, counties, or states. In the example below we select counties. Click ‘Next’.

Show ZIP codes, counties, or states on map
Show ZIP codes, counties, or states on map. You can create streets, states, counties, or ZIP codes maps with MapBusinessOnline. Map layers in MapBusinessOnline are organized into map templates.