The Power of Business Maps

In the era of "big data," the most powerful features of business mapping software are data visualization capabilities. For almost two decades, MapBusinessOnline has provided innovative data mapping software for companies of all sizes, and across a broad range of industries. Our mapping solutions will help you easily import your business data - whether it's from an Excel spreadsheet or a CRM system such as Oracle, ACT! or Salesforce - onto a map of your target area of interest.

Watch as your data comes alive. You can view your customers, prospects, dealers and competitors against a background of up-to-date maps. By taking advantage of our data mapping and geospatial capabilities, you can take your business intelligence to another level. Whether you intend to circulate data within your sales team or share information with customers and clients, many businesses find it challenging to analyze, organize and distribute large amounts of data. At MapBusinessOnline, our business mapping software allows you to import large volumes of information, display against an accurate map and share views with your staff.

Visualization Features

You can construct business data maps to illustrate nearly any aspect of your business, and from any perspective.

  • Easily import customer data from text files, CSV files, database files, or Microsoft® Excel spreadsheets.
  • Import business data for display by street address, city name, ZIP code, postal code or latitude and longitude — in the US and Canada.
  • Plot and visualize data from a variety of accounting systems and contact management solutions including Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, Sage ACT!, and Intuit QuickBooks.
  • Map up to 250,000 locations per map at one time.
  • Use a variety of map symbols to identify critical business data or add your own symbols.
  • Visualize business variables and trends through color-code maps. Remember: one picture is worth a thousand words!
  • For more clarity and insights, you can also label your locations with product information, sales results, or contact information.
  • Build data maps that show population, income trends and market penetration.
  • Create radius maps to provide geographic search capabilities for your business data.
  • Share maps through MapBusinessOnline interactive webmap, sharing image sharing or print.

Whether you're mapping 10 locations or 250,000, our data mapping and data visualization software will help you find trends and expose geographic patterns. We make it easy to grasp concepts and make better-informed decisions.

Benefits of Data Visualization With MapBusinessOnline

MapBusinessOnline is one of the most feature-rich tools for data visualization on the market today. Compared to similar platforms such as Maptive, it is more affordable, while offering more custom map storage, improved access to demographic data and a world-class support system that helps you make the best use of its business visualization tools.

When you choose MapBusinessOnline, your business will benefit in several ways:

  • You'll enjoy an expanded set of editing functions that allow you to create labels and alter fill and boundary colors as you wish — ultimately creating more beautiful, easier-to-read maps
  • You'll be able to see your sales data and other internal business intelligence alongside U.S. Census records and industry-specific datasets
  • You'll gain the ability to plan efficient delivery routes and share files in a wide range of formats
  • You'll have access to cloud-based data visualization tools that make collaborating on custom maps easy

Whether you use MapBusinessOnline for market analysis, sales territory mapping, site selection or anything else, you'll benefit from its advanced business visualization techniques and tools. Ultimately, the platform will help you see your data in a new context and, as a result, uncover the hidden patterns and opportunities that will drive your success.

Recent Updates

Recently we saw one of the most ambitious expansions of the MapBusinessOnline platform yet. Now more than ever, MapBusinessOnline is a data mapping tool for businesses in any industry. Some key features of the most recent version of MapBusinessOnline include:

  • New support for regional and divisional territory management and design. Now, you can use MapBusinessOnline's data mapping tools in a manner that more closely resembles the structure of your organization, creating new layers based on custom criteria and geographic divisions.
  • More flexible editing. MapBusinessOnline's recent update contains an expanded suite of editing tools, allowing you to do more with color, transparency and labels. With it, you can create more attractive maps that present your data in innovative ways.
  • Improved market analytics. MapBusinessOnline has partnered with RealDataset to put NAICS market segment data at your fingertips. Complement your existing business intelligence with additional, unbiased information about your industry and your competition.
  • Updated demographics. The recent update to MapBusinessOnline includes newly updated census and other demographic data for North America. Neighborhoods can change quickly - make sure you're working with the most recent information by choosing MapBusinessOnline.

From route optimization to big-picture business planning, MapBusinessOnline puts a suite of advanced data mapping tools right at your fingertips. Follow the links on this page to learn more about why MapBusinessOnline is one of the most advanced data mapping solutions on the market today.

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"I wanted to thank my customer service rep Jason for always going above and beyond every time I call for answers...AND THIS IS WHILE I AM USING A TRIAL VERSION!!! With this kind of service, why would you ever use another software company?"

David imports his USA-wide network of restaurant service suppliers and uses the map to visualize his contacts for instant access.

"Every time I use MapBusinessOnline…and I always get what I need."

David Ziviello

"We've tried the REST now we are using the BEST. After searching and trying other mapping programs for our delivery operations team and finding that we just couldn't get all the features that we required, we finally found MapBusinessOnline. Not only did it have all the features we needed including Longitude/Latitude and optimizing delivery routes, but it provided us tons of other bells and whistles. MBO proved to be a superb tool for our operations team to create routes and territories with the click of a few buttons while also allowing our reporting team to make beautiful maps that help our executive team visualize the story the data was telling. We are using this for the 2nd year in a row and will be renewing when it is time again. We pride ourselves at offering cutting edge applications to our millions of readers and subscribers worldwide and love that MBO helps us stay ahead of the technology curve by continuing to update their product and features. The release of MBO for the Desktop was a great addition and only helps make using the product even easier. To the staff at MBO — Keep up the great work!"

Dow Jones

"MapBusinessOnline one of the most powerful tools I have as a Regional Channel Manager. It’s a difficult task to visually represent the vast amount of data that I have to present to my customers and team members. MBO makes it easy to represent, configure, and manipulate the data on to an effective map. A picture is worth a thousand words, and MBO allows me to create a perfect picture."

Ed Ku
Regional Channel Manager

Popular MapBusinessOnline features

Quickly build map visualizations of your business data

Map business data from multiple sources by street address, city name, ZIP code, or latitude and longitude. Plot 250,000 or more data points on a map at once. All you need to begin is a spreadsheet with business data.

Visualize business data maps using data symbols

Assign specific symbols, colors, and sizes to your business data points. Choose from an included library of symbols or create and import your own. Visually define customers and prospects across thousands of locations using symbols color coding.

Illustrate business data maps with charts

Graphically depict your business data on a map using pie or bar charts. Use charts to show revenue by product, invoices due vs. paid, items ordered vs. shipped, and sales by customer type.

Label your business data using flexible callouts

Show more than one callout on map at a time. Add notes to individual map callouts. Change callouts orientation for better map layouts. Customize callouts look & feel.

Draw custom graphics on the map

Insert drawn circles, rectangles, polygons, and lines. Choose from a variety of line styles and fill colors. Identify critical map locations with text labels. Draw market areas and sales territories. Customize your business map with data mapping software.

Share business maps

Create interactive maps and share with friends, colleagues, dealers, customers, prospects or vendors. Share territory maps. Email saved JPEG and PNG files or embed map files in PowerPoint presentations. Includes PDF export for larger print formats.