Call Planning with Optimized Routing

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With Our Route Planning Software You Can:

  • Plan your sales visits with optimized routing software from Map Business Online.
  • Optimize stop sequences and generate turn-by-turn driving directions.
  • Specify time and duration (time window) for each visit.
  • Use historic and real-time traffic information to build realistic routes.
  • Define route barriers and avoid areas with a few mouse clicks.
  • Easily import customers and stop locations from Microsoft® Excel spreadsheets, Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, Sage ACT!, Intuit QuickBooks, and other contact management and accounting packages.
  • Query customer visit lists using radius, polygon and drivetime search tools. Select a center point and create a circle to identify customers you want to visit. Or identify customers by drivetime.
  • Print & save route plans and driving directions. Export a route plan to Personal Navigation Device (PND).
  • Replace MapPoint. Map Business Online is really the closest alternative to Microsoft® MapPoint.
  • Automate data import and route calculation workflows with Map Business Online SDK.

Sales professionals and delivery companies use Map Business Online as a multi-stop route planner and route optimizer. Subscribers to Map Business Online are able to plan a route with 100 or more stops - route multiple locations! This is different from typical route planning software that provides only point-to-point route capability. Using MBO’s multiple stop route planner licensed users can create optimized route maps across multiple stops. Map Business Online offers the most affordable multi route planner available, ensuring the maximum return on your business software investment.

The Best Business Route Planning Software for Sales Professionals and Others

Sales professionals can create route maps based on a radius search of a metropolitan area. Plan your sales trip and plan multiple routes to all customers and prospects with just two mouse clicks! The Map Business Online map route planner for business and sales professionals works for delivery specialists too. Create repeat routes and stop-off schedules. Adjust your plans every few days or months as delivery requirements change. Easy-to-use and learn – great for the substitute route planner. With our route planner, multiple destinations can be planned and turn-by-turn directions generated in just a few short minutes. Print directions and go!

Delivery Route Planning

Do your customers depend on prompt delivery of your company’s products and services? Then you can’t afford late shipments or having your sales or delivery personnel fall behind schedule. And having drivers who get lost or have too much downtime on their route is not a viable option! Keeping up with a tight schedule begins with efficient planning. That’s where route planning software can have a positive impact on your ability to provide superior customer satisfaction.

Key Delivery Route Optimization Benefits

  • Optimize the performance and productivity of all delivery drivers/route sales personnel
  • Reduce vehicle/fleet expense through more efficient route planning
  • Readjust/recalculate routes quickly when needed
  • Ensure your sales/delivery staff has the time to provide superior customer service at each stop
  • Use the real-time display of critical resource locations to make life easier for route planners/dispatchers

What Makes Map Business Online the Best Choice for Route Planning for Businesses?

MBO has been a leading business mapping software innovator since 1996. We offer state-of-the-art business route planning solutions that include more customer-requested features than any of our competitors. We have designed our route optimizer product to be easy to use, even for individuals who have no prior experience working with mapping software. And no mapping software pays as much attention to feature requests than MBO, which means you’ll be able to easily adapt our route optimizer to the needs of your business operation.

Sales and marketing professionals and managers across a wide range of industries know they can count on MBO to provide a reliable multi stop route planner at an affordable price. Virtually any business that relies on prompt and efficient delivery during multi-stop routes can benefit from our software solution. Examples include courier services, food and beverage vendors, and package delivery companies.

We Use the Most Recent Data Compiled by the Leading Experts

Our multi stop route planner features data compiled by the top GIS experts in the field, ensuring you’re getting the most accurate and reliable software solution possible. All MBO products are also backed by world-class technical support — you can count on us to deliver prompt and courteous one-on-one assistance whenever your need it.

Use Call Planning with Route Optimizer to Reduce Travel Costs and to Improve ROI and productivity.

Take advantage of our free trial offer, which allows you to take our route planning software for a test drive without risk. You don’t even need a credit card to discover the many benefits our route optimizer can provide for your business. After 1 month, if you’re not convinced that our route optimizer is the best solution for your company, just let us know — you’re under no obligation to continue.

Discover what makes MBO “America’s Fastest Growing Business Mapping Software.” Start using Map Business Online with 1-month no-obligations FREE trial today!

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Learn How Our Customers are Succeeding with Map Business Online

"I had an excellent experience with Map Business Online because my company works in the agriculture industry and makes maps showing where our fields are and these maps need to be viewed and shared in a database. Your product seemed to fit our needs. Overall good support, ease of use, and quality of maps created!"

Seneca Foods

"I have had the pleasure of using MapBusinessOnline for the past 5 years and it is an excellent and affordable tool for my clients. I am a franchise consultant, and many of my clients are just starting to get into franchising. The first main question many of them have is they don’t know the demographics around their current location, so they don’t know how to create territories for their franchisees. I am able to easily utilize MapBusinessOnline to draw a prototype territory around their existing location, do a deep dive into the many different demographics that MapBusinessOnline offers, and help the client determine the basics of their new territories, including mileage, population, household count, purchasing habits and age distributions. This tool has been so helpful that many of our clients obtain their own accounts as they begin to sell franchises and grow their business. Thank you, MapBusinessOnline, for providing such a helpful tool that is affordable and easy to use!"

Colette Bell
Director of Business Development
SMB Franchise Advisors

"Map Business Online one of the most powerful tools I have as a Regional Channel Manager. It’s a difficult task to visually represent the vast amount of data that I have to present to my customers and team members. MBO makes it easy to represent, configure, and manipulate the data on to an effective map. A picture is worth a thousand words, and MBO allows me to create a perfect picture."

Ed Ku
Regional Channel Manager

Popular Map Business Online features

Plan customer visits with multi stop route planner

Plan your call routes more efficiently using spatial searches, increase productivity with optimized routing, see more customers and prospects in less time. Generate turn-by-turn route directions that reduce drive time, fuel consumption and travel costs.

Easily build map visualizations of your business data

Plot your critical location-based business data against an accurate map with MBO call planning software. Plot up to 250,000 locations per map from multiple sources. Plot by street addresses, city name, zip code, or latitude and longitude coordinates.

Color-code business data on map with various symbols

Visually identify and define customers and prospects using Map Business Online sales routing optimization software. Assign specific symbols, colors and sizes to your critical business data points. Access a full library of symbols or import your own.

Print large format wall maps

Printed maps are still an extremely valuable sales planning and communication tool. MBO sales route planning software lets you to save maps as PDF image files from which you can print expansive custom wall maps as large as 60” x 60”.

Share Business maps for Collaborative Team Editing

Set up team maps editing with MBO call management software. Encourage collaborative problem solving across departments by creating shareable interactive web maps with your sales team.

Search business data spatially using radius maps

MBO call planning software allows you to create radius maps that generate effective marketing lists, ZIP code maps, and fast sales territories. Search data within user defined circular, polygon or drive time areas of interest and easily add customer records to your next route.

Search your business data in a full-featured tabular view

Our call planning software provides data sheet/tabular views that can be filtered by columns in your data. Display results on the map, create routes from query results or export results for use outside the application.