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Business mapping software such as Map Business Online has a range of potential applications. Organizations that know how to use it properly will gain a critical advantage in a tough economic environment.

What most people don't realize, however, is that mapping software is both an analytical and a marketing tool. With it, you can create compelling and accurate visual aids that help you leverage information more effectively — both for yourself and for your stakeholders. Here's a look at some of the ways you can create great presentations with Map Business Online.

Creating a Radius Map

A radius map pinpoints a specific location and draws a circle around it. It is one of the most immediate and impactful visual aids — it can display critical data within a specific radius of that location. With a radius map, you can demonstrate:

  • Where your nearest suppliers and vendors are, and how drivers can get there more efficiently
  • Where your customers are relevant to your franchise locations
  • Which nearby territories are underserved by your competitors
  • Where to deploy mobile salespeople for maximum effectiveness
  • What ZIP codes surround my location and their demographic make up

A radius map is only one type of visualization available in Map Business Online. The program also offers the options of creating heat maps, custom territories, drive times, and other graphics that express facts in a way that raw data can’t.

Telling a Data-Driven Story

Ultimately, creating a strong presentation is about translating numbers and statistics into a format that is impactful and easy to understand. Map Business Online takes your raw business intelligence — the data you accumulate in Excel, QuickBooks, Salesforce and other enterprise programs — and makes visual sense of it.

Overlaying information about your sales and marketing initiatives with demographic data tells you more about your customers and helps target future efforts on specific areas of interest. Business intelligence mapping software can also help you run test scenarios and compare sites for future expansion based on a variety of customizable factors like geographic segmentation, data filtering by geographic area or demographic category.

Who Can Use Map Business Online?

Organizations in a range of industries and sectors use Map Business Online. Businesses that thrive on outside sales can use it to create territory maps and deploy staff based on clearly define areas of accountability. Franchises also can use it as a tool to guide future expansion efforts. Any enterprise trying to make a case for its viability with investors can use radius mapping or heat mapping to demonstrate the merits of its strategic plan.

Government agencies, nonprofits, insurers, financial service providers and more also use Map Business Online. Whether your goal is promoting your business, running test scenarios, making informed decisions or soliciting management participation in upcoming projects, the custom maps you create using this powerful platform can serve as an integral component of any presentation.

Printing out Large Format Maps

A single user Map Business Online subscription lets you store up to 200 custom maps in an easy-to-access cloud-based format. Custom maps can be saved to PDF or as PNG and Jpeg files exported to PowerPoint for use in dynamic presentations to investors, board members, management or potential customers. See how easy it is to create striking visual aids with the world’s premier business intelligence mapping software platform — sign up for a free one-month trial today.

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"I use Map Business Online to analyze retail sales activity around a metropolitan area. It’s easy and the price can’t be beat."

Annmarie Beam
Category Manager Walmart Team
Bentonville, AR

"Map Business Online has played a major role in helping us to expand. It has helped us successfully map out our territories so that we know where we are and where we can be. With a clear picture of where we are, it has helped make it easier to locate available territory for our new Franchisees. Map Business Online has even helped us keep our guarantee and carry out its promise for a five mile protection radius for each Franchisee. Map Business Online has not only given us a map of where we are now, but it has also given us a map for our future."

Sine Schirmer
Franchise Support Department Head
The Tutoring Center Franchise Corp

Prison Fellowship — Prison Fellowship® trains and inspires churches and communities-inside and outside of prison-to support the restoration of those affected by incarceration. PFM uses Map Business Online Team Edition to create a variety of maps that track the placement of constituents and describe the demographic background of placement areas for further study and understanding.

"We love MBO, especially the ability to share maps with non-license holders for viewing!"

Business Manager
Prison Fellowship

Popular Map Business Online features

Create powerful reports and presentations with maps

Embed map images into reports. Use interactive maps for effective presentations. Export map as PDF to create large wall maps.

Build fast map visualizations of your business data

Map business data from various sources by street address, city name, ZIP code, or latitude and longitude. Plot 250,000 or more locations on a map at once. All you need to start is a spreadsheet with business data.

Draw custom graphics and annotate maps

Draw circles, rectangles, polygons, and lines. Choose from a selection of line styles and fill colors. Identify map locations with text. Draw market areas and sales territories. Customize your business map.

Visualize business data on map with various symbols

Assign specific symbols, colors, and sizes to your data points on map. Choose from a wide variety of symbols or create your own. Visually define customers and prospects across multiple locations using symbols color coding.

Illustrate business data on map with charts

Graphically depict your business data on a map using pie or bar charts. Use charts to show sales by product, invoices due vs. paid, products ordered vs. shipped, and sales by customer demographics.

Color code maps by ZIP code, county, or state

Import business data by ZIP code to show it geographically. Create colorful maps for business analysis that connect real Census data to locations on the ground.

Print large format map views

Print large maps to use in presentations and project plans. Save maps as PDF files to print as large as 60” x 60” customer maps. Supports multiple pages option to use your home or office printer for large wall maps.

Share business maps

Create interactive maps and share with friends, colleagues, dealers, customers, prospects or vendors. Share territory maps. Email saved JPEG and PNG files or embed map files in PowerPoint presentations. Includes PDF export for larger print formats.

Display business data against demographic maps

Categorize geographic areas by population or household income. Explore new markets, business patterns, or social trends against color coded Census maps for business and competitor analysis.

Design and visualize sales territories

Use our sales territory mapping software to create sales territories by ZIP code, county, or state. Aggregate demographics and sales data by territory. Search business data inside sales territories. Highlight territory overlap.

Create state or regional map views

Filter map view to show only selected states or regions. Create local maps that display only certain counties or ZIP codes from your market area or within a radius.