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As a business, you want to know as much about your potential customers as possible — who they are, where they live and what they want from you. You spend time and money gathering informative leads that contain this information. However, without the right context, it's impossible to make strategic sales decisions based on leads alone.

Map Business Online helps you see your customer and contact data in a spatial context. As a result, it is highly useful in mapping sales leads. With it, you can identify where your best leads are concentrated and develop targeted strategies for converting them.

Importing Lead Data Into Map Business Online

Fruitful sales leads can come from anywhere — your existing customer records, a mailing list gathered via your website or market research from an outside firm. The first step in mapping this data is to import it into Map Business Online. Fortunately, doing so is easy. Map Business Online works with a range of enterprise platforms, including QuickBooks, Act! and Salesforce, among others. You also have the option of importing data from an Excel or CSV file.

Don't have a list of leads to work with? Map Business Online includes a range of market analysis tools. Drill down to a specific region to view current U.S. Census data, giving you a clearer picture of the neighborhood's demographics, which will help you plan your sales efforts accordingly.

One of the best parts of customer lead visualization with Map Business Online is that you can bring together data from a wide range of sources, viewing all your potential leads — including those imported from different programs or files — in a single convenient map.

Working With Lead Mapping Software

Once you've imported your data into a customer lead map, there are many things you can do to plan your sales efforts. As noted above, Map Business Online gives you the opportunity to map leads onto demographic data, which can help you assign the right people and right strategies to that territory. You can also identify other regions with a similar makeup to plan for future marketing or sales outreach.

Map Business Online is also an excellent tool for route planning. With all your leads visualized, it's easy to find the most efficient way between them, cutting down on travel time, keeping your overhead costs low and maximizing the potential of your sales team.

Sharing and Exporting Data

Map Business Online lets you create shareable customer lead mapping for your sales team. The platform is 100 percent cloud-based and compatible with Windows and Mac computers, making remote collaboration simple. You can also print out detailed, full-color maps, or export them to standard formats such as PDF, JPG and more.

Try out Map Business Online's customer lead visualization tools today with a free 1-month trial, or contact a representative for more information. Visualizing sales leads has never been easier.

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Learn How Our Customers are Succeeding with Map Business Online

Prison Fellowship — Prison Fellowship® trains and inspires churches and communities-inside and outside of prison-to support the restoration of those affected by incarceration. PFM uses Map Business Online Team Edition to create a variety of maps that track the placement of constituents and describe the demographic background of placement areas for further study and understanding.

"We love MBO, especially the ability to share maps with non-license holders for viewing!"

Business Manager
Prison Fellowship

MVP Sports Clubs is a sports and health facility management and development company with opera¬tions in Central Florida and West Michigan. MVP uses Map Business Online to construct demographic map profiles of a radius surrounding each of their many sports clubs. Such market analysis helps MBO users develop a better understanding of their business which makes strategic planning more effective.

"MBO users develop a better understanding of their business which makes strategic planning more effective."

Mark Hope
Business Manager
MVP Sports

"In a large company, with many layers of sales teams, sales management, territories, operations teams and distribution, it is vital to have a solution to quickly and easily display country and regional maps. I have tried multiple other mapping solutions in the past only to be frustrated by their limitations or by their complexity. Map Business Online perfectly fits my need. MBO has the versatility to allow me to build somewhat complicated maps but also allows me to knock out the quick, one-off request. MBO continues to add features and I am excited to see what new features come out next."

Dave Perek
Sr Business Analyst
Schneider Electric

Popular Map Business Online features

Build fast map visualizations of your business data

Use MBO customer mapping software to plot and visualize up to 250,000 or more customer locations on a map with data from your existing Excel spreadsheets.

Visualize business data on map with various symbols

Visually define your customers and prospects across multiple locations by assigning specific symbols, colors and sizes to your data points. Import your own custom symbols. MBO color-coding options go beyond just selecting a color of pushpin.

Use heat maps to emphasize customer density

Use customer mapping software to easily create colorful heat maps to denote areas that generate the most business, while extrapolating areas offering the greatest potential.

Illustrate business data on map with charts

Visualize your data in the form of pie or bar charts to gain a clearer picture of your business such as sales by product values and quantities, sales by customer demographic and more.

Label your business data using flexible callouts

MBO customer mapping software enables you to create customized callouts - add notes to individual callouts or adjust callout orientation, text formats and sizes.

Display business data against demographic maps

By using our customer mapping software to display your data against color-coded census maps, you’ll more easily identify new markets, business patterns and social trends that affect your business.

Share business maps

Communicate more effectively by sharing your interactive customer maps with colleagues or embed map image files your PowerPoint presentations.

Print large format map views

MBO customer mapping software provides the capability to save your maps as PDF files and print wall maps as large as 60” x 60”.

Search data spatially with radius maps

Create circles or polygons that allow you to closely examine your imported customer data within specific areas of interest. Organize your search results into marketing lists or targeted marketing campaigns.