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Instantly Visualize Your Customers Against an Accurate Map!

Learn all you can about your existing and future customer through the power of location

  • View existing customers and potential leads on map for all of your sales and marketing efforts. Plot customer locations by street address, city name, ZIP code, postal code or latitude and longitude — in the US and Canada.
  • Easily import customer data from CRM, accounting packages and files: Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, Sage ACT!, Intuit QuickBooks, text files, CSV files, database files, or Microsoft® Excel spreadsheets. Map up to 250,000 locations per map at one time.
  • MBO visualization tools make it easy to diagram customer locations in support of sales efforts. Use large collection of map symbols to identify and segment customers on map, add your own symbols. Customize map information boxes to include customer’s name, address, phone number and other business and CRM data.
  • Plan your direct mail strategy and prepare for site visits. Run geographic queries of your customer list by radius or drive time.
  • Conduct market analysis. Build data maps that reveal trends and compare sales, population, income and other demographic variables.
  • Plan your sales trips with our easy-to-use route optimization software, generate turn-by-turn directions and export optimized route plan to a Personal Navigation Device (PND).
  • Share maps through MapBusinessOnline interactive webmap sharing, image sharing or print.

Choose MapBusinessOnline customer mapping because:

  • MapBusinessOnline provides unsurpassed power of all customer mapping tools you may need in one app. Don’t waste your time with limited-feature competitor programs which you will overgrow quickly.
  • We allow the most customer location points per map for less money with a 98% success rate.
  • We have No daily customer plotting limits unlike many other online customer mapping tools.
  • MBO also features the most intuitive territory mapping tools available and shared map editing.
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Customer Mapping

Businesses in all industries go to great lengths to get to know their customers better — to understand what a typical customer looks for and needs, and deliver a higher caliber of service. Too often, however, these efforts rely on speculation and received wisdom rather than hard facts. As a result, businesses find it difficult to break out of their old habits and embrace innovation.

MapBusinessOnline's customer mapping tools help you take a more data-driven approach to marketing. The platform allows you to place raw sales and demographic data in a geographical context that is ideal for visualizing where and who your customers are. From there, you can allocate resources more effectively, and make smarter strategic decisions that will ultimately help grow your customer base in sustainable ways.

Benefits of Customer Mapping

The main benefit of customer mapping is that it turns information you already have into map visualizations that can help you uncover new and powerful insights. For example, without a customer map, your sales data is just a collection of names, dates, amounts and addresses — useful for telling you the bottom line, but little else. To allocate resources and plan for future expansion, you need to know more. A customer map can show you where your customers are clustered, and which areas are currently underserved. With this big picture view, you will run more effective marketing and sales campaigns that reach both those who have supported your business in the past as well as potential new customers. Customer map visualization are used to build demographic profiles of your best performing areas and match them with new areas around the nation.

Customer mapping is also useful for site selection for future expansion, as well as route optimization, if you provide on-site services. Many businesses use customer maps to overlay their sales history with demographic data to gain insights into their customer base. Finally, customer maps are excellent visuals aids for presentations to upper management when justifying new projects or initiatives — Use MapBusinessOnline's to create striking map visualizations that make your point clearly and cater to your specific map audience.

Working With Customer Mapping Software Data

Customer location mapping starts with your data — whether it's in an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file, or imported directly from Salesforce, Act! or another program. Map Business Online gives you the flexibility to work with data from across multiple platforms.

Once you have imported your information into MapBusinessOnline, you can use tools such as heat mapping and radius mapping to discover areas of high customer density, assign custom sales territories that make the best use of your team and create delivery routes that efficiently get your technicians where they need to go.

Uncover Your Market Potential

MapBusinessOnline offers a fast and accurate customer mapping solution to uncover your market potential all across the U.S. and Canada. MBO has a simple user interface that can quickly turn your Excel database sheets into a compelling map of your customer base.

Spatially search your existing customers using radii, polygon or drive time search tools. Color-code records and display sales results by ZIP code, county, city, and state. Access demographic information and create smart customer profiles. Determine the optimum location for your next direct mail, email, and or call-out sales campaigns. There’s no better way to map customer data and optimize your next marketing campaign.

Smart Targeting With Customer Mapping

MBO customer mapping software accesses the latest Census data to give you a detailed demographic perspective when segmenting and targeting all of your potential leads. View demographic data by zip code, county, state, Census Tract and more. Break down maps on multiple demographic themes targeting areas that best fit your businesses by:

  • Age
  • Commute Times
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Ethnicity
  • Gender
  • Households
  • Housing units
  • Income
  • Occupation
  • Race
  • Religion
  • Rent
  • Vehicle Data

Go Deeper With Demographic Layers

MapBusinessOnline takes customer location mapping software to the next level with demographic data layers. Access current U.S. Census records, as well as datasets from third-party analytics firms, to give your customer maps additional context. With MapBusinessOnline, you can look at factors such as average age, household size, income, property values and more. This helps you get to know your current and potential customers better and target your marketing and sales efforts more effectively.

Collaborate and Share Information with MapBusinessOnline

MapBusinessOnline lets you share customer mapping results with all of your sales & marketing teams, so everyone can access the important data layers relevant to their specific work. Your CMO can create and control a central map template for all of your current campaigns and share secure versions with designated marketing team members, which helps you deliver just the right information to your team so they can communicate clearly with your customers.

MapBusinessOnline is a cloud-based program that gives users the option of assigning editing privileges to remote collaborators. As a result, sharing information and working together on big projects is easy, even for franchises with customer data coming from multiple locations.

All customer location maps are printable and exportable to standard formats like PDF and JPG. More than just a tool for planning, customer location maps make sure your team has access to the information they need to do their jobs right. They're also highly effective presentation aids when delivering a proposal to upper management.

Industry Applications

Any business that relies on sales can benefit from MapBusinessOnline's customer mapping tools. Whether you sell your product face-to-face or over the internet, MapBusinessOnline can help you turn raw data into actionable intelligence which will ultimately, help grow your business.

Specific industries using MapBusinessOnline to map their customers include banking and finance, insurance, manufacturing, real estate, retail, service industries, telecommunications, trades, and utilities, and more. Keep browsing the MapBusinessOnline website to explore the potential of this advanced, intuitive tool.

Where Your Competitors Aren’t

You’re a smart business. You have a unique understanding of where your customers are and where your competitors are strongest. By choosing MapBusinessOnline and its customer mapping software, you can visualize these markets and look for potential inroads into competitor sales territories — or find communities that aren’t being served yet.

Turn your Excel database into a tactical advantage that can be quickly and securely shared with everyone from delivery drivers to the C-Suite. Use customer mapping to improve your bottom line – achieve optimum customer and prospect location awareness for your sales & marketing teams.

MapPoint & BusinessMAP Alternative Seekers: You’ll find MapBusinessOnline has greatly improved upon your standard mapping feature set. In addition to outstanding territory mapping tools map data is regularly updated, geocoding is much more consistent and successful, color and symbolization options are excellent, and the overall user experience is much easier.

Recent updates

The most recent release of MapBusinessOnline includes several new customer mapping features. Demographic data has been expanded and updated, giving you an even more in-depth understanding of the markets you serve. MapBusinessOnline also includes access to NAICS market segment data that can be mapped by ZIP code and industry segment, as well as a new set of tools for smarter route planning, and more editing options.

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Learn How Our Customers are Succeeding with MapBusinessOnline

A leading provider of automated storage and retrieval systems, Kardex Remstar has a multi-layered distribution network in North America. Mapping regional sales territories and sales districts using ZIP codes and states. Kardex Remstar tapped into MBO territory creation services to make the process quick and easy. Detailed ZIP code tables were converted by MapBusinessOnline into multiple maps describing their distribution network, sales coverage by customer segment, and product maps.

"The product is phenomenal and the support even better."

Sales Manager

The Alternative Board (TED), an advisory board creation service for business of all types and sizes, used MapPoint to import customer locations, create and manage territories, and for visual market analysis. When MapPoint left them high and dry, they began looking for a MapPoint replacement. This process led them to MapBusinessOnline.

Over a period of a few weeks MapBusinessOnline shared several online web demo that showed exactly how MapBusinessOnline would replace and improve upon the mapping technology TED had become used to. The Alternative Board recently renewed their Map Business Online subscription for another year.

The Alternative Board

"I have been using MapBusinessOnline for about 8 months and couldn’t be happier with the services it provides. I have employees and myself who map around 250 routes monthly for our sales team. The interface is easy-to-use and the abilities are exactly what I need. My sales team finds the maps and step by step routes easy to follow and accurate. My store lists change every quarter and the uploading system allows me to quickly upload a new list and categorize the account by priority using colors and shapes. I have also used the heat mapping capabilities and found those easy to customize and quick to use. As with any advanced software, this does take a week or two to learn the more complex features, but it is well worth the time invested. This is the software I would have designed if I was to create one myself. Great job!!!"

Bill Hanavan
Director of Operations
Strategic Retail Solutions

Popular MapBusinessOnline features

Build fast map visualizations of your business data

Use MBO customer mapping software to plot and visualize up to 250,000 or more customer locations on a map with data from your existing Excel spreadsheets.

Visualize business data on map with various symbols

Visually define your customers and prospects across multiple locations by assigning specific symbols, colors and sizes to your data points. Import your own custom symbols. MBO color-coding options go beyond just selecting a color of pushpin.

Use heat maps to emphasize customer density

Use customer mapping software to easily create colorful heat maps to denote areas that generate the most business, while extrapolating areas offering the greatest potential.

Illustrate business data on map with charts

Visualize your data in the form of pie or bar charts to gain a clearer picture of your business such as sales by product values and quantities, sales by customer demographic and more.

Label your business data using flexible callouts

MBO customer mapping software enables you to create customized callouts - add notes to individual callouts or adjust callout orientation, text formats and sizes.

Display business data against demographic maps

By using our customer mapping software to display your data against color-coded census maps, you’ll more easily identify new markets, business patterns and social trends that affect your business.

Share business maps

Communicate more effectively by sharing your interactive customer maps with colleagues or embed map image files your PowerPoint presentations.

Print large format map views

MBO customer mapping software provides the capability to save your maps as PDF files and print wall maps as large as 60” x 60”.

Search data spatially with radius maps

Create circles or polygons that allow you to closely examine your imported customer data within specific areas of interest. Organize your search results into marketing lists or targeted marketing campaigns.