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ZIP codes are a critical map layer for conducting analysis in business mapping software. Originally created by the U.S. Postal Service to improve mail delivery, ZIP codes have become a meaningful geographic unit used by business to analyze markets, plan marketing campaigns, and define sales territories.

Businesses and non-profit organizations use interactive ZIP code maps for a variety of real life applications:

  • Market Analysis and Campaign Planning - Marketing managers use ZIP codes and associated demographic information to define successful markets and replicate these successful markets in untried areas. Because the Census Bureau publishes demographic territories by ZIP codes, these relatively local geographic units have become a standard for market area definition.
  • Sales Territory Mapping - Sales organizations use territory maps to define areas of responsibility and track progress against goals. ZIP codes are the most common base map layer applied to sales territory mapping. ZIP codes are a manageable and easily comprehended building block for assignment to a sales person. Often a sales person's territory is related to where they start their day and limited to a certain driving time. Thus, a territory could be just a half dozen ZIP codes.
  • Business Expansion Planning - ZIP codes are often applied to expansion planning. Hospital systems or retailers will gauge a new operating area viability based on the number of businesses, potential patient population, and demographic breakdown of the surrounding ZIP codes. It may be a 50-mile spread or a fifteen-minute drive time, but the analysis will focus on ZIP codes.
  • Communicating Service Coverage Areas - Businesses communicate their coverage areas through interactive web maps or shared map images. And most often those coverage areas reflect ZIP codes and towns.
  • Field Staff Coordination - Field staff management can get expensive and customer focus is critical. Interactive ZIP code maps are used to define accountable areas and define driving time allotments.
  • Retail Drive Time Analysis - Smart retailers are always interested in the demographic profile of surrounding ZIP codes. They'll use this information to develop product sales, to segment marketing campaigns and periodical advertising. ZIP code driving times may be important for traffic estimates and delivery promises.

Map Business Online's ZIP code map layer can be turned off and on. ZIP codes can be color shaded to reflect areas of interest, territories, coverage areas or to simply highlight a ZIP code or two. ZIP code boundary lines can be adjusted by color and thickness interactively. And ZIP code labels can be appended by up to five additional data fields. Append your ZIP code labels with demographic data, calculated data or your own imported sales or operational data. Export lists of ZIP codes for use in 3rd party applications.

ZIP code data in Map Business Online is automatically updated quarterly to reflect US Postal Service changes. A complete list of all types of ZIP codes (boundary and point types) is included in the application assuring any legitimate ZIP can be queried, filtered and exported for use on your business.

Map Business Online offers a variety of methods for creating and sharing interactive ZIP code maps. So, whether you need advanced, hierarchical sales territory management maps or you just need a simple list of ZIP codes now is the time for you to leverage the power of interactive ZIP code maps for your business.

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"Map Business Online helps me identify our most promising markets and define exactly those contacts I’m going to market to. It's the best product I've found that lets me 'visualize' my data."

Tom Jans
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The Alternative Board (TED), an advisory board creation service for business of all types and sizes, used MapPoint to import customer locations, create and manage territories, and for visual market analysis. When MapPoint left them high and dry, they began looking for a MapPoint replacement. This process led them to Map Business Online.

Over a period of a few weeks Map Business Online shared several online web demo that showed exactly how Map Business Online would replace and improve upon the mapping technology TED had become used to. The Alternative Board recently renewed their Map Business Online subscription for another year.

The Alternative Board

" has been an amazing tool for our company. It helps us to be more effective and efficient in our processes. It also provides a necessary tool for clear, concise communications with our team through visualization and supporting data."

Kim Scroggins
Map Coordinator
Leisure Pools

Popular Map Business Online features

Design and visualize sales territories

Easily create and manage sales territories by ZIP code, county or state. Search your business data within specified sales territories. Use ZIP code mapping to define your critical areas of interest.

Color-code maps by ZIP code, county, or state

Create color-coded ZIP code maps that enhance strategic planning and analysis through data visualization. Use these maps to conduct business analysis that compares Census demographic data at your business locations.

Search data spatially with radius maps

MBO ZIP code mapping software enables you to explore your critical business data within specific circle or polygon areas. You can also export ZIP code demographics, territory information or marketing lists for use outside of the application.

Display business data against demographic maps

Create ZIP code maps that display imported business data against demographic maps. Explore new markets or identify business patterns or social trends that could affect your business.

Print large format map views

Our ZIP code mapping solution helps you visualize sales territories in full-color wall printed maps as large as 60” x 60”.

Search business data in full-featured tabular view

MBO ZIP code mapping software provides tabular views with extensive data search and filtering capabilities. Display search outputs on a map, create routes from query results or export results for use outside the Map Business Online.

Share business maps

Communicate sales accountability with shared interactive ZIP code territory maps. Shared Web maps allow colleagues to view key territory information, conduct queries, or pan and zoom map.

Create state or regional map views

Map Business Online ZIP code mapping provides ZIP code selection by radius, polygon or drive time area. Create ZIP code areas of interest for market analysis and demographic map views by state or county.