Desktop ApplicationXHas Desktop Application that requires Internet connection
Web/Cloud Application X
Data Import
Import records limit per mapLimited100,000+
Import records limit per dayUnlimitedUnlimited
Import records limit per accountUnlimitedUnlimited
Datasets per accountUnlimitedUnlimited
Maps per accountUnlimitedDepends on Subscription
Search & Symbolize Your Data
Spatial search, radius, polygon, and drive time searchXX
Search for POI's nearbyX 
Business ListingsXX
Symbolize imported dataXX
Import custom symbolsXX
Color code imported dataXX
Color code by administrative district (ZIP, county, state, etc)XX
Data set filtering X
Add notes to map recordsXX
Edit imported records X
Heat map color coding X
Census tract districtsXX
Census demographic dataNo Recent DataX
Display numeric totals by administrative districtXX
General Map Tools
Drive time analysisXX
Base map filtering X
Web map sharing X
Multi-stop optimized routingXX
Search data nearby routeX 
Route time options - start, stop, stay durationXX
Save map image (JPEG, PDF, PNG files)XX
Large format print X
Tabular data window view X
Drawing toolsXX
Territory Management Tools
Basic territory designXX
Display territory overlap X
Build territories by city, county, state, zip code layer. Allow simultaneous display. X
Add demographic data to territory analysis X
Display numeric totals by territory X
Base Map
Current base map data updates X
Administrative districts - Census tract, city, county, MSA, state, zip 3 & 5No citiesX
World country supportXUSA, CANADA
Satellite imagery X
Topographic map data X
Technical supportNot Any MoreX