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One of the most significant advantages to business mapping with MapBusinessOnline is that it gives you access to up-to-date demographic data from the U.S. Census and other reliable sources. This allows you to create a variety of useful and insightful visualizations that will help you make informed business decisions and ultimately run a more efficient operation. Some of the things you can do with MapBusinessOnline's census data mapping features include:

  • Build color-coded maps that highlight demographic data trends on a zip code, city, county or state level
  • Filter census data by population, age, income and other factors to drill down on a specific demographic for sales or marketing purposes
  • Compare and contrast census data with your sales records or industry-specific business intelligence from third-party sources
  • Identify opportunities for expansion by locating zip codes and other territories with demographics similar to that of your current customer base
  • Perform various analyses related to site selection for a new location or expansion of your business

Users can employ MapBusinessOnline to create heat maps — such as the U.S. population density map above — or custom-coded territory maps based on specific criteria. It's also a useful tool for route planning and a powerful presentation aid when making a pitch to management, investors or other stakeholders.

Benefits of Census Mapping

You may think you know your customers and the territories you serve, but in today's data-driven economy, intuitive or received wisdom is no longer enough. To make smarter, more pragmatic decisions, you need hard information from reputable sources. When it comes to demographics, official census data is the most reliable standard for information about a neighborhood. Census data lets you know what a sales territory looks like today, how it's changed over time, and what it may look like in the future.

Mapping census data onto an interactive map is one of the best ways to make use of this business-critical information. When you present information in a visual format, it's easier to spot trends and identify demographic pockets that aren't visible when dealing with customers in person. A census map is an objective format for analyzing objective data — one that can be customized and filtered to meet the needs of your business.

Working With Census Data in MapBusinessOnline

Depending on which subscription package you choose, MapBusinessOnline comes with full access to several years worth of U.S., Canadian or British census data. Some of the demographic factors you can plot onto an interactive map include:

  • Population
  • Income
  • Ethnicity/race
  • Average age
  • Education level
  • Employment status and occupation
  • Household size
  • Number of housing units in a property
  • Ownership vs. rental data
  • Travel time to work

Users can selectively choose and filter these categories to create custom census data maps for market analysis, strategic planning and more.

Why MapBusinessOnline?

MapBusinessOnline is one of the most affordable full-featured census data mapping software platforms available today. Several packages are available based on the needs of your business. Explore the possibilities by signing up or requesting a free 1-month trial subscription today.

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One of many international companies left hanging by Microsoft’s cancelation of MapPoint and turning to MapBusinessOnline for a MapPoint replacement. Multiple departments across the enterprise utilize business mapping for a variety of applications including claims management analysis, insurance related operational planning, and market analysis. An extremely detailed procurement and security review lead to a contract for MapBusinessOnline services. Corporate accounts use MBO for sales territory mapping, collaborative Team editing, and communicating with maps.

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"I had an excellent experience with MapBusinessOnline because my company works in the agriculture industry and makes maps showing where our fields are and these maps need to be viewed and shared in a database. Your product seemed to fit our needs. Overall good support, ease of use, and quality of maps created!"

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Popular MapBusinessOnline features

Display business data against demographic maps

MBO demographic mapping software lets users conduct business and competitor analyses with color-coded maps that display your imported data layers against Census demographic data.

Color code maps by ZIP code, county, or state

Create color-coded maps that visualize up-to-date Census demographic data and your business locations.

Easily build map visualizations of your business data

Use our demographic mapping software to import and plot as many as 250,000 location points so you can more easily identify and visualize business opportunities and competitor challenges.

Search business data in full-featured tabular view

With our demographic mapping software, you can filter business data by the demographic criteria that most directly affects your business and view your search results on an accurate webmap.

Print large format wall maps

Print colorful demographic wall maps as large as 60” x 60” to communicate activities such market analysis and sales territory development.

Share your business maps

MBO demographic mapping software allows you to develop shared interactive webmaps that can facilitate collaboration and communication between colleagues and clients.

Create powerful reports and presentations using maps

Use our demographic mapping software to embed map image files in your PowerPoint or other live presentations to clearly illustrate markets and new business potential.

Generate demographic reports and maps for a radius

Setup target area by radius or rings and create demographic maps and reports to help reveal new business opportunities.

Create state or regional map views

Filter map views to show only selected states or regions. Create local demographic maps that display only specific counties or ZIP codes within your market area or radius.

Use radius & demographic maps to create marketing campaigns

MBO demographic mapping software allows you to conduct spatial and demographic customer searches and organize your search results into exportable marketing lists.