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What is Field Service Management

Field service management is a priority for telecom, utility, property maintenance, health care and other service providers. Your ability to provide timely, professional field service to your customers is a vital part of your overall value proposition. When you can't deliver on your promises, it reflects poorly on your business. Alternately, if you prioritize serving the customer above all else, efficiencies and overhead expenses can eat into your bottom line.

For these reasons and more, field service mapping software is a useful investment for businesses of all sizes. Here are the basics of field service management software and how Map Business Online can help.

Benefits of Field Service Territory Maps

Map Business Online's field service territory mapping tools offer numerous benefits for businesses. With the intelligence and insights this platform provides, you'll:

  • Respond faster to urgent incidents, making sure qualified, well-equipped technicians are dispatched in an efficient manner
  • Keep drive times down and avoid delays in traffic, reducing your fuel use and lowering your overhead costs
  • Maximize your team's efficiency, doing more with less and making it easier to meet shifting customer demands
  • Run a more accountable, transparent business, streamlining your path to regulatory compliance and reducing the burden associated with QA auditing

All the above benefits ultimately make your organization more successful and sustainable. It's for this reason that an increasing number of businesses now see field service mapping software as an essential investment.

Field Service Management with Territory Maps

At its core, field service management is all about properly allocating resources across a large geographic area. Map visualization technology allows you to see these resources in their broader context, and better understand the factors that are affecting your ability to get the job done.

With field service mapping software like Map Business Online, you can create custom maps based on your sales history, contacts and other business intelligence, providing a spatial representation of the raw data that determines your bottom line. In doing this, MBO can help solve several challenges related to field service management. Here's how:

  • Mobilizing your team: Response time is one of the most common metrics of field service management. Using Map Business Online's radius mapping and route optimization tools, you can make sure you have team members centrally located near areas with a higher concentration of customers, and develop smarter, faster ways of getting them where they need to go.
  • Avoiding burnout: Maximizing the efficiency of your technicians can't come at the expense of burnout. One of the best things management can do is to ensure enough people are assigned to a given area. With Map Business Online, you can plot custom territories based on previous service records, assigning staff accordingly and making sure each technician is responsible for an appropriate number of clients.
  • Anticipating service needs: Map Business Online allows you to import U.S. Census data and overlay it onto your service area. With this, you can get a clearer picture of the people you serve, and identify the factors that will determine their future requirements. This can include, for example, average age or property type, which will influence a neighborhood's health care and landscaping needs, respectively.
  • Improving accountability: Maintaining quality control is one of the big challenges of field service management. Because your management team isn't there to supervise field workers, you rely exclusively on customer feedback to monitor their performance. Doing so effectively requires spotting patterns that emerge over time. With Map Business Online, you can plot and track incidents and complaints on the map, identifying trouble spots that indicate where additional staff training or other corrective action is needed.

These are just a few of the field service management tools available from Map Business Online. Keep browsing the MBO website to read industry-specific case studies and learn more about this innovative software platform.

What Is Field Service Management?

Field service refers to any work your organization performs on a client's property instead of your own. Some examples of this include:

  • HVAC technicians repairing or installing a heating or air conditioning system
  • Utility workers repairing power lines
  • Doctors or home health care workers making house calls
  • Landscape or residential construction crews working on a yard

Every business is different, but any organization that offers outside service knows that keeping both costs manageable and customers happy is a delicate balance. It isn't worth the investment in time or money if your customer is unsatisfied with the level of service they receive. At the same time, you cannot let field service affect your bottom line.

Field service management is a coordinated effort to make field service work for both you and your customers. It encompasses several things — fleet management, team efficiency, quality control and more. When done right, it will allow you to make smarter strategic decisions that help you go the extra mile for the people you serve — without breaking the bank.

Learn How Our Customers are Succeeding with Map Business Online

"I have been using MapBusinessOnline for about 8 months and couldn’t be happier with the services it provides. I have employees and myself who map around 250 routes monthly for our sales team. The interface is easy-to-use and the abilities are exactly what I need. My sales team finds the maps and step by step routes easy to follow and accurate. My store lists change every quarter and the uploading system allows me to quickly upload a new list and categorize the account by priority using colors and shapes. I have also used the heat mapping capabilities and found those easy to customize and quick to use. As with any advanced software, this does take a week or two to learn the more complex features, but it is well worth the time invested. This is the software I would have designed if I was to create one myself. Great job!!!"

Bill Hanavan
Director of Operations
Strategic Retail Solutions

"Map Business Online has made it easy for DriSteem to locate and compare Rep territories. Every single person in our office has a map from Map Business Online at their desk and refers to it daily. We are thankful to be using Map Business Online for developing our business and outside sales representative team!

Thank you Map Business Online!

Abby Rogers
Marketing Coordinator
DriSteem Corporation

Prison Fellowship — Prison Fellowship® trains and inspires churches and communities-inside and outside of prison-to support the restoration of those affected by incarceration. PFM uses Map Business Online Team Edition to create a variety of maps that track the placement of constituents and describe the demographic background of placement areas for further study and understanding.

"We love MBO, especially the ability to share maps with non-license holders for viewing!"

Business Manager
Prison Fellowship