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Importing or plotting multiple addresses or multiple data points on a map is possibly the most popular feature of MapBusinessOnline. The process of placing business data points on a map is often called ‘data visualization’. Although it is a very basic component of what MapBusinessOnline offers, plotting multiple addresses is one of the most powerful business mapping tools available. And with MBO you can plot up to 250,000 locations per map - there is No Daily Limit like in many competitive products!

Mapping Multiple Locations Is Easy

To plot addresses on map simply choose the plot data button and navigate to your target Excel spreadsheet or CSV file. The import process will allow you to decide which columns in your business data control the locating process, and what columns in your data should appear on a data point label. You will also be able to choose which symbol to apply to your data. From there with one click you can map multiple addresses. Plotting multiple addresses or multiple locations is critical for both general business planning and individual sales call planning.

With MapBusinessOnline’s Data Plotting feature you can:

  • Easily import and visualize your location based business data points on a web map. Import your data by street address, city name, ZIP code, postal code or latitude and longitude — in the US and Canada.
  • Select the appropriate symbol, symbol size and color to display your location points.
  • Import your own custom symbols that reflect your business or industry.
  • Color code your data points based on your unique business classification scheme.
  • Conduct radius, polygon, and drive time searches of your imported data – export subset lists to Excel.
  • Import multiple layers of address data and use the Map & Data tab to control layer presence.
  • Segment imported marketing address lists for email or direct mail campaigns.
  • Notify subscribers of events and plan changes based on their geographic location.
  • Build multiple address map and display all of your business records
  • Plan sales trips to specific areas based searches of your imported customer lists.

Plot Multiple Business Data Locations on a Map for Sales & Marketing Campaigns

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Applications and Benefits

MapBusinessOnline's ability to plot and label multiple locations on a map has a range of potential applications for organizations across all industries. For businesses that rely on sales, MapBusinessOnline lets you see where your customers are located and make better decisions regarding how to serve them. Use MapBusinessOnline to find an optimized route between locations, or to create custom sales territories based on previous performance data. By presenting sales data in a geographic context and allowing you to overlay demographic and other information, MapBusinessOnline is a powerful tool for analysis and planning.

For service organizations, or any business that provides its customers with on-site support, MapBusinessOnline's newly expanded feature set is your go-to tool for route planning. Search and analyze multiple drive time-polygons on a single map, and calculate origin/destination distances to find the most efficient way to get your team members where they need to be. This saves you money, reduces wear on your fleet and, more importantly, helps you get to your customers faster. No more broken promises or excuses for being held up in traffic — communication with customers will improve, and your reputation for honesty and integrity will grow.

Use MapBusinessOnline to supplement your strategic planning. The ability to map business locations and see those plot points in their broader context helps with site selection, franchise expansion and market analysis. With MapBusinessOnline, you can develop dynamic visual presentations with color-coded point layers, demographic analysis, and transparency overlays, which will help you present new ideas to management or outside stakeholders.

MapBusinessOnline can benefit virtually any business, regardless of industry. Follow the links on this page to learn more about its advanced functionality and feature set, or sign up for a free 1-month trial.

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"We use MBO for event planning at cities all across the USA. It’s easy and fast. It blows away the other applications we tried."

Kristine Gates
Strategic Accounts Sales Manager
Extend Health

"We use MapBusinessOnline to prepare for sales meetings. The program’s territory mapping enables color-coded sales territories by zip-code helping to define sales responsibilities and keeping our focus on selling."

Christie Shedd
Operations Manager
AFTCO Bluewater

DPS is the leading provider of timely, relevant and motivational promotional materials for automotive dealerships. Their business strategies drive customer loyalty and sales revenues. Their sales manager uses MBO to create and manage sales territories and describes MBO this way,

"The product is phenomenal and the support even better."

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Popular MapBusinessOnline features

Build fast map visualizations of your business data

Use MBO software for mapping multiple locations on a map from various sources. Simultaneously plot up to 250,000 locations by importing your existing business data from Excel spreadsheets.

Visualize business data on map with various symbols

Visually identify customers, prospects and even competitors across multiple locations by using symbols and color-coding. Access our library of symbols or import your industry specific symbols.

Illustrate business data on map with charts

When plotting multiple locations on a map with MBO business mapping software, you can graphically depict your business data points as pie or bar charts. Chart symbols make visual comparisons between numeric value columns in your data simple. Compare sales values by product, or product quantities ordered vs. shipped.

Label your business data using flexible callouts

Display multiple map-point callouts at once and modify callout orientations as needed to enhance map layouts. Callout label adjustments include compact callouts, and text options.

Draw custom graphics on map

Annotate your business map by drawing custom circles, polygons, rectangles and lines. MBO mapping software lets you more clearly identify sales territories, market areas, and business locations using free form draw tools.

Share business maps

After mapping multiple locations on a map, use MapBusinessOnline map sharing to supplement strategic planning and communication. Share interactive Web maps with colleagues and business associates via email for FREE.

Search data spatially with radius maps

Conduct market analysis of your multiple business locations within the circles and polygon areas you create. Conduct spatial queries and develop marketing campaigns with search results.

Search business data in full-featured tabular view

Mapping multiple locations on a map places your business data in MBO tabular data views. Filter your business data by data attributes and create segmented lists for use as campaigns or for sales planning.