Find Nearest Store Location for each customer using straight line distance, driving distance or driving time. Calculate driving distances for all location pairs across two datasets or between locations in a single dataset. Available in MapBusinessOnline Pro only.

  • NEW! Find Nearest Locations. Find up to 20 nearest stores sorted by proximity to each customer location in a dataset! Build fully exportable, segmented reports, of point-to-point driving times or driving distances. Define Proximity Searches that support your business's unique sales and marketing requirements:
    • The nearest Store to each Customer
    • The nearest Distribution Center to each Point-of-Sale location
    • The nearest Medical Center to each Critical Home Care Patient
    • The nearest Parts Supplier to each Manufacturing Facility
    • The nearest Bank to each Construction Company headquarters
    • The nearest Tax Accountant to each Independent Contractor
    • The nearest polling station to each unregistered voter
    Establish distances and travel times between field assets and resources. You pick the target for proximity searches of your data!
  • NEW! Batch Calculate Distances – Develop vehicle route estimates across two pairs of location points in the same or two separate datasets. Optimize logistical routes for new warehouse location deliveries. Update existing logistic patterns between stops to compensate for recent road network changes or traffic pattern adjustments.

Possible Use Cases

Austin Retail Mall Emergency Center Analysis – First Responder teams are tasked to identify and post information describing the two nearest emergency medical centers to all Austin area retail mall locations. The closest emergency medical centers to any mall location need to be identified for emergency planners. First Responder planners imported a list of retail locations and medical centers, both derived from MapBusinessOnline business listings, on to a business map of the Austin area. Market Analysis tools were used to develop a proximity search around all mall locations to identify the two closest emergency medical centers, within the required ten-minute drive time.

Big Box Store Retailer Direct Mail Campaign – Fall planning is underway for a Big Box Retailer. A list of winter products will be going on sale and a flyer will be mailed to a prospective customer list compiled by a local list provider. The product discounts will be segmented by product type – gas-powered tools, electric tools, expendable ice products, and snow shovel items.

The retailer has budgeted funds for the mail campaign but knows that customers living further away than a 20-minute drive-time are much less likely to respond to the mailer.

MapBusinessOnline maps are developed that display several location datasets including a list of imported customer names and addresses, and a set of two-hundred store locations within the two-state region. Using MapBusinessOnline Pro Market Analysis, the customer list and store location datasets are analyzed to define the nearest store to a set of customers living within a 20-minute drive time distance. The results are segmented to develop a subset list of only the nearest customers, living within a 20-minute drive time of the nearest store will receive a mail piece.

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"MapBusinessOnline has played a major role in helping us to expand. It has helped us successfully map out our territories so that we know where we are and where we can be. With a clear picture of where we are, it has helped make it easier to locate available territory for our new Franchisees. MapBusinessOnline has even helped us keep our guarantee and carry out its promise for a five mile protection radius for each Franchisee. MapBusinessOnline has not only given us a map of where we are now, but it has also given us a map for our future."

Sine Schirmer
Franchise Support Department Head
The Tutoring Center Franchise Corp

"MapBusinessOnline has helped my organization visualize our territories in very little time. I created maps that allowed us to see where we are doing well and where we may be struggling. Getting this information has helped us capitalize on our opportunities and build our brand throughout the country."

Elwin Warsh
Strategic Sales Analyst
The Honest Kitchen

"MapBusinessOnline has made it easy for DriSteem to locate and compare Rep territories. Every single person in our office has a map from MapBusinessOnline at their desk and refers to it daily. We are thankful to be using MapBusinessOnline for developing our business and outside sales representative team!

Thank you MapBusinessOnline!

Abby Rogers
Marketing Coordinator
DriSteem Corporation

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