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With the discontinuation of MapPoint, many transportation and logistics companies have a need for affordable location-intelligence tools that have necessary functionality and ease-of-use for their industry.

MapBusinessOnline offers software that provides companies with a smarter way to plan and optimize transportation and logistics as well as view your business data geographically. We can help you become more efficient by integrating views of your transportation network with sales territory management, all while accessing the latest map data.

Create Customer Maps and Manage Details Effortlessly

In today’s business environment, transportation routes require rigid adherence. But at the same time, they need to have the flexibility to accommodate the needs of each customer. When you upload details - such as customer addresses, delivery quantities, vehicle sizes and driver shifts - from your business system into MapBusinessOnline mapping software, you’ll be able visualize your destinations and shipping centers. Our system will turn your location data into a market analysis map, which you can use in a variety of ways:

  • Visualize the routes and stops.
  • Calculate the most effective and efficient delivery and collection sequences for each vehicle.
  • View up-to-date maps and street data to fine tune your routes.
  • Assimilate new stops into your delivery routes.
  • Eliminate stops as required.

With the easy-to-use MapBusinessOnline tools, you can plan up to 100 stops for each route. MapBusinessOnline provides multi-stop routes that optimize on the inherent street information of our background map data. Street direction options, turn restrictions, speed limits, and road classifications are all taken into consideration.

Benefits of Customer Mapping with MapBusinessOnline

Location intelligence software can have several benefits for transportation and logistics companies. In your industry, incremental gains in efficiency are what drive profits, meaning any steps you can take to cut waste and run things in a leaner fashion are critical advantages.

With MapBusinessOnline, you can create intelligent customer maps that save you money by:

  • Reducing fuel use through more efficient route planning
  • Reducing wear on your vehicles by optimizing routes while managing driver time restrictions
  • Reducing idle time by making delivery information more accessible to drivers and managing dwell times per stop

With MapBusinessOnline analysis tools users can review historical delivery times and other performance metrics. This gives you a clearer picture of your travel requirements and lets you identify trends as they develop over time.

MapBusinessOnline integrates seamlessly with Salesforce and other enterprise software, allowing you to drill down on business intelligence gathered from your data. Easily import Excel address spreadsheets.

Use Mapping Software for Sales Territory Management

After you have optimized routes, you can use our software to analyze and edit the results through a number of different views. View all the territories at one time, separately, by week or by delivery day - it’s your choice. With the latest data available, you can easily find important geographical factors that influence your business and the relationship between your customers.

Transportation mapping software can also help guide your sales team, assist sales reps with organizing their customers, and help everyone remain focused on your company’s strategic marketing and sales objectives.

Lower Operating Expenses and Increase Productivity

More efficient routing also reduces the time it takes to travel from one stop to the next. Consequently, you can use the additional time to enhance customer satisfaction and deliver better customer service. In addition, more efficient route planning allows you to add additional stops for each route, which can lead to increased sales. You can even reduce fuel and vehicle operating costs by eliminating unnecessary mileage!

Cloud-Based Customer Location Mapping Software

MapBusinessOnline is a cloud-based customer mapping platform that’s ideal for transportation and delivery companies. Use it from any internet-enabled computer— Map Business Online is fully compatible with both PC and Mac systems.

Because all data is stored on a central server, custom maps and customer information are up-to-date no matter where and how you access them. Drivers can get up-to-the-minute delivery information sent to them and managers can make changes to schedules while out of the office. Experience the convenience of the cloud by signing up for MapBusinessOnline today.

Pricing and Subscription Options

MapBusinessOnline is one of the most affordably priced custom map-making software platforms for logistics and transportation companies, with a variety of flexible subscription options for businesses of any size. Large fleets and multi-site locations may benefit from the MBO Team edition, which starts at teams of five users, the ability to save up to 400 customer maps and a range of premium content that allows you to do more with the data you have available.

For details, contact a representative directly.

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Learn How Our Customers are Succeeding with MapBusinessOnline

A leading provider of automated storage and retrieval systems, Kardex Remstar has a multi-layered distribution network in North America. Mapping regional sales territories and sales districts using ZIP codes and states. Kardex Remstar tapped into MBO territory creation services to make the process quick and easy. Detailed ZIP code tables were converted by MapBusinessOnline into multiple maps describing their distribution network, sales coverage by customer segment, and product maps.

"The product is phenomenal and the support even better."

Sales Manager

"I use it daily to visualize customers and sales territories, and to plan sales trips. It’s so intuitive."

Jeanne Gazlay
Life Brokerage sales Director
Mutual of Omaha

"Unleashing Growth: How MapBusinessOnline added value to our Franchise Business"

"Since our franchise businesses began utilizing MapBusinessOnline seven years ago, we have experienced a remarkable added value in our operations and growth. MapBusinessOnline has provided us with an innovative, user-friendly, and powerful tool to manage and expand our franchise territory landscape. With its comprehensive mapping and data visualization capabilities, we have been able to make strategic decisions based on the data insights and effectively plan our expansion strategies. The interface and seamless integration with our existing systems have made the transition to MapBusinessOnline a smooth and enjoyable experience.

One of the most significant benefits we have experienced with MapBusinessOnline is the ability to analyze a variety of markets quickly. This has allowed us to identify new opportunities and target areas for growth, ultimately leading to increased revenue and a stronger brand presence. The customer support provided by the MapBusinessOnline team have been exceptional, ensuring that our team is well-equipped to make the most of the platform's features. We wholeheartedly recommend MapBusinessOnline to any franchise business."

Marty Flanagan
VP of Brand Growth
Franchiczar ( Code Ninjas – Valhallan Esports – Iron24 Fitness+Recovery and Pinots Palette )