Why MapBusinessOnline?

MapBusinessOnline offers the best value and the most advanced features of all business mapping software

Whether you're visualizing customers, conducting market analysis, or building complex nationwide sales territories, count on MapBusinessOnline to deliver a low-cost, comprehensive geographic mapping software that provides your business with a solid a competitive edge.

MapBusinessOnline business mapping software is:

  • Easy to use
  • The most affordable option
  • Tested and monitored for security
  • A cloud service accessible anywhere
  • The preferred map graphic style in its class
  • Developed by geospatial experts
  • A comprehensive demographic solution
  • An advanced territory design application
  • A full feature market analysis tool
  • Used by thousands of professionals
  • Updated on a quarterly basis
  • Way better than Microsoft MapPoint
  • Generous with its import allowances

With MapBusinessOnline you can:

  • Import and visualize up to 250,000 contact address records per map – an outstanding value!
  • Drive sales growth through accurate and informative sales territory models of your business
  • Easily share your business maps through low-cost interactive web-maps, wall maps and image files
  • Identify market potential for your business expansion through comprehensive market analysis
  • Conduct thorough competitive analysis to expose critical business opportunities and threats
  • Engage your employees and sales team by sharing compelling strategic planning maps
  • Improve CRM utilization through sales territory maps monthly results sharing
  • Leverage your best minds to solve business challenges through collaborative/team map editing
  • Improve productivity and control costs using MBO sales planning and optimized routing tools

Why Choose MapBusinessOnline?

Affordability - We encourage buyers to shop around. There just is no more affordable business mapping tool that offers the functionality, or the support found in MapBusinessOnline.

Security – Security should be every ones' top priority. MapBusinessOnline deploys HTTPS secure web pages; applies strong password protection to all user accounts; encrypts all uploaded user data; and undergoes periodic security reviews by multiple security firms.

Ease-of-use is always touted by software providers. We never hear from most users. But we understand that each end-user learns software in their own way. Most find our tools to be easily mastered, while those who struggle to learn new software can always depend on our patient support to bring you up to speed – at your pace.

Application Speeds – Application speeds are outstanding – even at full data import levels. Compare competitor allowable location data imports. You'll find out MBO's 250,000 records per map allowance is unbeatable in both size and speed.

Get the Real ZIP codes – Many mapping tools only offer Census ZCTA ZIP Codes. MapBusinessOnline provides the most authentic ZIP codes from the US Postal Service and authorized 3rd party suppliers.

More Map Zoom Levels – MBO offers more zoom levels than competitor maps like Google. More zoom levels mean better resolutions across all levels of detail.

Data Table View – View all imported and included data in tabular format. Data table tools include search bar, multi-layer filtering with modifiers, new layer creation, demographic overlays, and export tools.

Territory Mapping Tools – If you loved MapPoint territory mapping you'll be ecstatic about MapBusinessOnline's territory management. Import your territories from a file or build territories manually. Create ZIP code, county, state, even Census tract territories, all on one map. Or create free form territories.

Demographic Data – A comprehensive multi-year library of Census Demographic data is included with the subscription and easily added to your market and territory analysis. Includes two years of projection demographics and consumer expenditure data. Export to your heart's delight.

Optimized Routing Support – Create multi-stop optimized routes exportable to common file formats. At user discretion MBO will reorder stops for the most efficient route. Share route files or push interactive web maps with routing to constituents.

Supports Multiple Overlays – Overlay ZIP codes over states and counties. Build territory maps with regions and divisions overlaid. Additional overlays include Census tracts, city points, city limits, highways, MSA's, ZIP 3, and school district and crime data.

Technical Support – MBO technical support is always available to answer tough questions, provide web demo's, or consult of mapping questions. We're proud of our excellent support team. Reach us by phone or email.

Custom Mapping – We understand that not every company can come up with the manpower to build complex and broad-based business maps. Consider letting us build you business maps for you. Our rates are reasonable. We'll spend time consulting with your map stakeholders to make sure you get the business maps you need.

CRM Utilization – An engaged and informed sales team meets objectives and makes use of CRM tools. Establish regular results sharing sessions using shared business maps. Encourage group discussion and strategy sharing.

Import More Locations Records – We encourage buyers to shop our competitors and compare their import data allowances. You will find no more generous allowance than MapBusinessOnline. 250,000 records per map covers a lot of ground.

Map Expertise – MapBusinessOnline associates at all levels have decades of experience creating software and building business maps. Tap into our deep geographic experience. Ask questions about your projects.

Generous Map Sharing – Business maps quickly communicate results and strategies. Share sales results through interactive web maps, static image files, or large format wall maps.

Read over 100 honest, unedited and unfiltered MapBusinessOnline user reviews to see why MapBusinessOnline is the business mapping software serious businesses prefer.

Learn How Our Customers are Succeeding with MapBusinessOnline

"We use MBO for event planning at cities all across the USA. It’s easy and fast. It blows away the other applications we tried."

Kristine Gates
Strategic Accounts Sales Manager
Extend Health

"MapBusinessOnline Business Listings has been my go-to platform for the preliminary work necessary to develop growth strategies in the Restaurant Industry. I’ve found this platform to be intuitive, easy to navigate, and the data plentiful. Whether you are looking to expand using an adjacency strategy or make a large geographical leap, I’d suggest you start with MapBusinessOnline Business Listings."

Paul G. Tuennerman
Executive Vice-President
Sticky’s Holdings, LLC

"I just might possibly be in love with this service! This is the perfect program for my business."

Deborah Sterns

Popular MapBusinessOnline features

Build fast map visualizations of your business data

Map business data from various sources by street address, city name, ZIP code, or latitude and longitude. Plot 250,000 or more locations on a map at once. All you need to start is a spreadsheet with business data.

Design and visualize sales territories

Use our sales territory mapping software to create sales territories by ZIP code, county, or state. Aggregate demographics and sales data by territory. Search business data inside sales territories. Highlight territory overlap.

Plan customers visits with optimized routing

Use maps to identify customers within a radius or polygon. Optimize visits sequence and generate turn-by-turn driving directions. Reduce travel costs. Improve ROI and productivity.

Display business data against demographic maps

Categorize geographic areas by population or household income. Explore new markets, business patterns, or social trends against color coded Census maps for business and competitor analysis.

Perform Market Analysis for multiple sites

Search & segment data from multiple centers. Generate market area profiles. Find nearest store or pick up locations. Batch calculate distances, as well as driving times to multiple locations. Aggregate demographic data. Enrich a dataset with demographic or geographic variables.

Draw custom graphics and annotate maps

Draw circles, rectangles, polygons, and lines. Choose from a selection of line styles and fill colors. Identify map locations with text. Draw market areas and sales territories. Customize your business map.

Visualize business data on map with various symbols

Assign specific symbols, colors, and sizes to your data points on map. Choose from a wide variety of symbols or create your own. Visually define customers and prospects across multiple locations using symbols color coding.

Illustrate business data on map with charts

Graphically depict your business data on a map using pie or bar charts. Use charts to show sales by product, invoices due vs. paid, products ordered vs. shipped, and sales by customer demographics.

Emphasize customers density with heat maps

Highlight market areas that generate more business. Visually compare map areas for business potential. Select from a variety of heat map colors and options.

Print large format map views

Print large maps to use in presentations and project plans. Save maps as PDF files to print as large as 60” x 60” customer maps. Supports multiple pages option to use your home or office printer for large wall maps.

Share business maps

Create interactive maps and share with friends, colleagues, dealers, customers, prospects or vendors. Share territory maps. Email saved JPEG and PNG files or embed map files in PowerPoint presentations. Includes PDF export for larger print formats.