ZIP Code Mapping for Your Business

We offer recent USPS ZIP5, ZIP3 and ZIP5 with filler maps in addition to Census ZCTA maps.

How to Create a ZIP Code Map?

Building a ZIP code maps is like 1-2-3 with Map Business Online:

  1. Start Map Business Online (if you don't have account with Map Business Online - Register first).
  2. Choose to create a new map.
  3. Select ZIP code map template and hit ‘Create new map’ button.
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How Can You Use ZIP Code Maps for Your Business?

  • Create sales territory maps by ZIP code. County, state or other district options are also available. We offer more than just Census ZCTA maps unlike some of our competitors.
  • Plot and visualize your customers, market, and demographics by ZIP code areas
  • Apply a variety of color-coding options to ZIP code maps – both transparent and opaque
  • Easily display sales territories that overlap
  • Create sales territories that reference contained population or income levels
  • Search imported map data by radius, polygon or drive time area. Export lists of ZIP codes along with Census data such as population and household income
  • Insert map images in PowerPoint presentations or print large format ZIP codes map.
  • Share interactive maps that display ZIP code areas
  • Look up ZIP codes by city, county or state
  • Highlight ZIP codes that intersect state or county borders
  • Conduct concentric ring analysis by zip code area

If you’re a sales or business professional, you undoubtedly rely on ZIP codes for designating geographic market areas and sales territories. Sales managers and business decision makers feel most comfortable organizing their strategic plans and sales tactics around common geographic administrative districts like ZIP codes and counties. With user-friendly ZIP code mapping software from Map Business Online, you can easily plot ZIP codes on your maps, helping you better visualize and identify key business opportunities, define account responsibilities, and identify business challenges.

Target ZIP Codes Within a Radius

A ZIP code radius map is one of our most common applications. Sales organizations often use this feature to establish sales territories within a specific geographic region. Use our radius mapping tool to create circles at a specified mile radius from ZIP code center points. Instantly display or filter ZIP codes within a radius.

Specific Uses of ZIP Code Maps for Businesses

ZIP code mapping is often used for retail marketing campaigns and expansion planning. Retail managers use MBO to view competitors and store maps by ZIP code, overlaying pertinent marketing and sales data to make decisions about brick and mortar investments. Sales managers will use our ZIP code mapping tool as part of their sales territory development process to ensure that salespeople are deployed in the most productive and cost-effective manner. Clearly defined territories and areas of responsibility lead to larger and more reliable sales pipelines.

Export Lists of ZIP Codes Along With Census Demographic Data

A map with ZIP codes is even more powerful when it’s accompanied by other valuable demographic data. Our software solution also gives you access to useful Census data such as population, household size, income ranges, ethnicity and so forth, which helps you identify your target market. You’ll be able to append MBO demographic data options to your search results, and even append more data options from your own imported data sets.

Use ZIP Code Territory Mapping to Increase Your Location Awareness

When was the last time you conducted a thorough analysis of your business locations? MBO ZIP code territory mapping software can significantly improve your location awareness. This essentially means that by plotting customer and prospect locations on a ZIP code map, you’ll be able to visualize the customer, prospect, sales and resource locations around your business. Use this information to unlock the power of location intelligence to more effectively manage your sales or business operation.

Conduct a Basic or More In-Depth Market Analysis

Our software can be a valuable tool when conducting a market assessment. For instance, you can use it to create a map that defines a market based on a specific ZIP code. That way, you’ll get a visual of the customer or prospect distribution within that ZIP code. You can also execute a more detailed analysis by adding key demographic data to the mix. What’s more, you can also conduct a competitor analysis by ZIP code to determine areas where your competitors may pose the greatest (or smallest) challenge.

Share Map Views as Image Files or URL Links

Interactive maps with ZIP codes can be an invaluable asset in any collaborative decision-making environment. You can create maps that can easily be shared with colleagues and constituents as image files and URL links. This allows all key players within your business organization to have timely access to relevant mapping data to help them make the most informed, accurate decisions.

Map Business Online offers multi-user account management capabilities, which enable annual subscribers to easily edit shared maps and imported data layers. You can also create printable maps that can be displayed on a wall for easy viewing.

Why Choose ZIP Code Mapping Solutions From Map Business Online?

Map Business Online is an experienced business mapping solutions provider that has been producing USA mapping software since 1996. All ZIP code territory mapping data is compiled by the world’s foremost GIS exports, ensuring the highest possible reliability. You’ll be able to create extremely accurate territory and coverage area maps that will have a positive impact on your business results.

Our software features the easiest user interface of any comparable software product – it’s the easiest sales territory mapping solution available anywhere. You also get the benefit of world-class customer support. Our low price ensures you get the best value for your money. Map Business Online is the most affordable way to enhance your business intelligence.

Use Map Business Online’s ZIP Code Mapping Tools for Marketing, Sales Planning and More.

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See Map Business Online in Action

Selected Map Business Online features

Create state or regional map views

Map Business Online ZIP code mapping provides ZIP code selection by radius, polygon or drive time area. Create ZIP code areas of interest for market analysis and demographic map views by state or county.

Design and visualize sales territories

Easily create and manage sales territories by ZIP code, county or state. Search your business data within specified sales territories. Use ZIP code mapping to define your critical areas of interest.

Print large format map views

Our ZIP code mapping solution helps you visualize sales territories in full-color wall printed maps as large as 60” x 60”.

Share business maps

Communicate sales accountability with shared interactive ZIP code territory maps. Shared Web maps allow colleagues to view key territory information, conduct queries, or pan and zoom map.

Display business data against demographic maps

Create ZIP code maps that display imported business data against demographic maps. Explore new markets or identify business patterns or social trends that could affect your business.

Search business data in full-featured tabular view

MBO ZIP code mapping software provides tabular views with extensive data search and filtering capabilities. Display search outputs on a map, create routes from query results or export results for use outside the Map Business Online.

Color-code maps by ZIP code, county, or state

Create color-coded ZIP code maps that enhance strategic planning and analysis through data visualization. Use these maps to conduct business analysis that compares Census demographic data at your business locations.

Search data spatially with radius maps

MBO ZIP code mapping software enables you to explore your critical business data within specific circle or polygon areas. You can also export ZIP code demographics, territory information or marketing lists for use outside of the application.