Add multiple locations on map one by one

In MapBusinessOnline you can add multiple locations on map at once by plotting data from Excel file. In case when you have few locations and they are not yet in a file you can add location directly on map. The same approach can be used to add locations to existing dataset that you have plotted from a file before.

  1. If you have address, city, or ZIP code of your location enter that information into the search box and click binocular icon.
  1. Found location will appear on map. You can see the small toolbar near that location. Click pushpin with diskette icon to save found location in dataset.
  1. If you don’t have a dataset on map then MapBusinessOnline will automatically create Locations dataset for you and save found location into that dataset. If you have a dataset on map then MapBusinessOnline will prompt you to select a dataset for found location. Select a dataset and click ‘Add location’ button.
  1. As an alternative to finding location you can use Add location tool to add location to a dataset. Just pick pushpin icon in drawing tools on MapBusinessOnline toolbar and click anywhere on map to add location.
  1. Whenever location is added to a dataset it gets selected on map and you can see small toolbar near it. Also MapBusinessOnline opens Location properties dialog. If for some reason the dialog is not open just click ‘gear’ icon on location toolbar to show Location properties dialog.
  1. In Location properties dialog you can change location symbol. In addition to that you can edit any data column values for location including Name and Notes. Use Group column to specify sales rep name, territory name, or type of location. Once you change data values for location please don’t forget to save the changes by pressing ‘Save data edits’ button.
  1. If you want to move location to another dataset just select a dataset in the corresponding box. Click ‘New’ button to create new dataset.
  1. MapBusinessOnline will prompt you to enter new dataset name. Enter the name and click ‘Create dataset’ button.
    MapBusinessOnline will ask if you want to add more data columns to the dataset. You may use this option to add data columns such as phone number or products.
  1. Repeat the steps above to add all locations on map.
  1. If you ever need to delete a location from map just click its symbol on map to select it. Then click cross button on the small toolbar.
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