Add Cities, Highways, Census tracts, ZIP3 codes and other layers to map

This article describes how to add layers to a map.
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MapBusinessOnline comes with Custom map template hosting these basic map layers: States, Counties, and ZIP codes. These are default map layers and you can add other layers to a map such as US cities, US highways, Census tracts, 3-digit ZIP codes, Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA), City limits, and School Districts. More map layers will be added to MapBusinessOnline in near future including lakes and rivers.

  1. To add map layers to a map simply click ‘Add map layers’ icon on MapBusinessOnline toolbar.
  1. In ‘Add map layers’ dialog select map layers you are interested in. Hold shift key to select multiple map layers. Click ‘Add to map’ button.
  1. MapBusinessOnline may need to load map layers and that loading takes some time. Once map layers are loaded they are displayed on your map.
  1. You can remove map layers you have added. Just go to Map & Data window (if it’s not open click Map & Data vertical button on the left side), move mouse over map layer you want to remove, and click remove button.
  1. Read this article on how to setup map layer properties, labels, and callouts. Please note that cosmetic layers like cities and highways have limited set of properties.
  1. Follow this link to see how to color code map layer by business or demographic data.