Change data format

This article describes how to change data format in Data window and on map.
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Sometimes Map Business Online cannot recognize data format correctly when it imports data from Excel file. To fix the problem you can change data format to be used in Data window and on map. Map Business Online support following formats: String, Phone, Date, Date and Time, and Number.

If you want to change data format or increase number of decimal places follow these instructions:

  1. Open Map & Data window if it is not already open. Click Map & Data tab centered on the left side of map.
  1. Click gear icon on Map & Data window toolbar.
  1. In ‘Manage map and data’ dialog select ‘Data & Tab’ tab and choose dataset. Click ‘Change data formats’ button on General vertical tab.
  1. In ‘Change data formats’ dialog select data column and new format. Click ‘Set data formats’ button to update map and Data window.