Change data format

MapBusinessOnline supports the set of data formats along with specific format options like number of decimal places: String, Phone, Date, Date and Time, and Number. When you plot a dataset MBO automatically selects a data format for each column based on formatting information and content in the dataset. It does it smartly but still cannot outsmart a human. If you need to view the format selected or change it, follow the instructions below.

  1. Open Manage map and data dialog and select the dataset you want to modify (Dealers in our example).
  1. In the dialog click Customize dataset button.
  1. Customize dataset dialog will pop up. In the dialog select the data column category containing the column you want to modify and click the pencil icon across the column name. The icon appears when you hover mouse pointer over the column list.
  1. In the dialog that will appear, choose the format and other options. Click Save button to apply the changes.

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