Customize territory labels

This article explains how to customize map labels for sales territories. It also demonstrates adding territory labels to map.

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In MapBusinessOnline territory labels show only territory name by default, but you can change that and add business or demographic data summarized by territory to a territory label as described below.

  1. Territory label properties are accessible from ‘Manage map and data’ dialog. Follow these instructions to open the dialog for territory layer:
    1. Open Map & Data window if it is not already open.
    2. Move mouse pointer over territory layer name and click gear icon that will appear.
  1. ‘Manage map and data’ dialog with territory layer options will pop up.
    1. Inside the dialog select Labels tab. On the Labels tab you can edit the options for territory label’s text size, style, color or alignment. On the same tab choose whether to show label in a box and box color.
    2. Here you can click ‘Add territory labels’ button to show labels for all territories.
  1. If you want to change territory label content, click ‘Format labels’ button inside Label tab of territory layer options (see the picture above). ‘Format labels’ dialog will show up.
    1. Inside the dialog select General tab if not already selected.
    2. Choose whether you want to show separator between territory name and additional data inside territory label by checking corresponding box.
    3. Check a numbered box to show additional line of information inside a label. Select data variable to appear in the line. You can choose data from a plotted dataset, demographic data provided with MapBusinessOnline, or territory information. Edit line’s prefix if necessary.
    4. Finally click ‘Change labels’ button to update territory labels on map.