Copy & paste data from a spreadsheet

MapBusinessOnline can plot an entire spreadsheet for you, but sometimes it is necessary to plot just a few rows from a spreadsheet. The ability to copy & paste your data in Plot data wizard comes handy then. If you are not familiar with Plot data wizard, read the article.

  1. On the Select data source page choose the Copy & paste tab. That’s where you will paste your data.
  1. Go to your spreadsheet program and copy a data range you want to plot. Make sure that it includes column headers.
  1. Go back to MapBusinessOnline and press Control-V combination on your keyboard. The pasted data will appear in the paste area.
  1. Repeat the above-mentioned steps to copy more data. This time don’t include column headers. MapBusinessOnline will ask you whether you want to replace or append new data – choose the append option. At any time, you can start over by clicking Clear button in the dialog.

    When ready, click the Plot button. For more data plotting option check the article.