Edit location's address and position

This article covers two scenarios which are related:

  • Fixing a location that has not been plotted correctly by MapBusinessOnline. Sorry, that may happen – no product is ideal.
  • Editing a location's address. For example, when a customer's address changes, you may want to update the data on a map.

MapBusinessOnline's streets & map data is sourced from the leading data providers. That guarantees high match rate of customer/business addresses you plot. But there are still cases when either customer address is not correct, or our data misses the address (rural address or new development). Having correct and accurate address position on a map is particularly important for delivery routes. In MapBusinessOnline you can manually fix an address that has not been plotted correctly.

  1. To access address editing tools open Data window.
  1. The second column in Data window reflects the location's match level:
    • Green circle: the location has been matched to a street address or latitude/longitude position.
    • Yellow circle: the location has been matched to a ZIP code, City and State, or some other geography, but not to a street address or latitude/longitude position.
    • Red cross: the location has not been matched at all.
  1. In Data window select a row you want to edit and click the pencil icon.
  1. In Location window that will popup, click "Correct location" button.
  1. "Correct address location" dialog will pop up with the location plotted on the map in the dialog.
  1. If you want to edit location's address simply enter it and press the binocular icon. MapBusinessOnline will search for the address and display it on the map. If MapBusinessOnline is not positive that it has found the address, then it will populate the list of candidates.
  1. If location has not been plotted correctly, zoom and pan the map to find its correct position (apparently if you know where it is). Just click the map anywhere to mark where you want to position the location.
  1. Click "Save new location" button to update location's position in the dataset. To save address edits check the "Update address data columns in dataset" box.
  1. Use Next button inside "Correct address location" dialog to browse and edit more than one location.

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