Edit location address

This article describes how to edit location address information or how to fix location that didn’t map correctly or didn’t map at all.
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MapBusinessOnline uses latest streets database and maps from leading data providers. That helps to increase match rate of your customer address file. But there are still cases when either customer address is not correct or our map misses that address. Having correct address location is particularly important for routing.

It may be also that customer address has changed and you simply want to change it in MapBusinessOnline.

  1. You can use Data window to check how locations are mapped. Open Data window if it is not already open by clicking following icon on MapBusinessOnline toolbar.
  1. In Data window first column shows row match level:
    • If it is green circle then row is matched to street address or latitude and longitude.
    • If it is yellow circle then row is matched to ZIP code, City and State, or some other way, but not by street address or latitude and longitude.
    • If it is red cross then row is not mapped at all.
  1. To begin editing locations move mouse cursor into first column in Data window until pencil icon appears.

    Click pencil icon and select ‘Edit address or location’ from drop down menu. That will open ‘Correct address location’ dialog.
  1. Inside ‘Correct address location’ dialog enter new location (customer or store) address and press binocular icon. MapBusinessOnline will search for that address and show a list of candidates in the dialog.

    You can zoom and pan map on the right side of the dialog to look for new location. If you click map with mouse then red pushpin will be set to mark location selected.

    Once desired location is selected press ‘Save new location’ button to update (customer or store) location on map and in Data window. If you want apply address columns data edits in addition to changing (customer or store) location on map then check the ‘Update address data columns in dataset’ box.

    If you have more than one location that you want to be fixed then click Next button inside ‘Correct address location’ dialog.
  1. When you are done just click cross icon on caption of ‘Correct address location’ dialog.