Count and summarize customer data

This article describes how to count and summarize customer data for store market area profile.

In Map Business Online you can summarize your customer or market data by closest store. For example you can calculate potential revenue for your stores from dataset of potential sales by ZIP code.

  1. Start by plotting Customers and Stores locations on map. See this link for detailed instructions.
  1. Click ‘Market analysis’ icon on Map Business Online toolbar.
  1. On the page that pops up select ‘Calculate number of customers near each store’ option. Click Next button.
  1. On the next page select Customers and Stores datasets. You can select a dataset or a marketing list for each position.

    Choose data columns you want to summarize. You can edit column names that will appear in stores dataset.

    Set market area size for each store. You can assign customer to nearest store, set one radius for all stores, or select a data column that has varying radius for each store. In the example below we set 20 miles radius for all store locations.

    Click Next button when ready.
  1. Map Business Online shows progress bar while it summarizes your data. Once market area profile for each store is calculated you will see results dialog. Click Done button in the dialog.
  1. Now you can see summarized data in Data window. Use the icon highlighted on the picture to export the data into a file.