Design sales territories by county or state

This article describes how to setup US county or state sales territories by selecting areas on map, by use of spatial tools (radius or polygon) or by attribute search (demographics and territory potential).
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In MapBusinessOnline you can design sales territories by various alignment layers including ZIP5 or ZIP3, counties, states, Census tracts, and MSA. Here we will present steps required to build sales territories by US county and state. We will demonstrate creating territories manually by selecting geography on map, using spatial search tools, and applying custom search in the Data window.

  1. Before you start let’s decide whether territories are allowed to intersect. If you want to keep your territories disjoint then do the following:
    1. Open ‘Manage map and data’ dialog. Click gear icon at the top of main toolbar to open the dialog.
    2. Select ‘Territory options’ tab in ‘Manage map and data’ dialog.
    3. Uncheck ‘Allow territories to intersect’ box.
  1. Start by turning on county or state map layer respectively if you don’t have it in your map. You can do that either by checking visibility box in Map & Data window or by selecting corresponding map template. See the picture below.
  1. You may want to zoom or pan map to the area where you plan to create territories. See following articles on how to navigate around map: Zoom & pan map; Find address.
  1. Let’s explore how to create or edit territories by selecting geography areas on map. Click a county or state on map, which is part of your territory, to select it. Notice that small toolbar will appear nearby.

    Tip: If you don’t see county or state label, you can stop mouse pointer over that area and tooltip with the area name will pop up.
    Select a county
    Select a state
  1. If your territory consists of multiple areas just click each of them holding SHIFT key.

    Zoom and pan map as you work through selecting map areas.

    Once you have all territory counties or states selected click the puzzle icon on the small toolbar.
  1. ‘Create or edit territory’ wizard will start. If you are creating first territory then just enter its name in the dialog provided and click Create button. New territory will be added to map and its content will be selected in Data window. You can see number of map areas in the territory at the bottom of the window.

    To change created territory color open the colors box in Data window and select a color.
    Counties and States
    County territory content in Data window
    County territory on map
    State territory content in Data window
    State territory on map
  1. If you already have territories on map then you will see more options for selected map areas (counties or states): create new territory, add selected areas to existing territory, remove selected areas from a territory, update existing territory to contain only selected areas, or intersect content of existing territory with selected areas. Choose desired option, territory, and click Edit button.
  1. Let’s now look at creating or editing sales territories by spatial search. You can use Radius or Polygon draw tools to search counties or states.

    Tip: You may want to zoom or pan map to the area where you plan to draw circle or polygon. See following articles on how to navigate around map: Zoom & pan map; Find address.
  1. Click an icon in MapBusinessOnline’s spatial search toolbar and follow instructions that will appear in the upper left corner to draw a circle or polygon on map. In the example below we search counties by radius.
    Searching counties by radius
  1. Dialog with search options will popup. Select counties or states layer and click Next button.
    Selecting county layer for search
  1. In the next dialog box select whether you want to create new territory or edit an existing territory.

    Enter territory name and click Create button.

    Or choose editing option, desired territory and click Edit button.
  1. There is also the option to create or edit sales territories from Data window. Let’s say you want to filter territory so that it contains only counties or states with household income greater than certain threshold.
  1. Start by adding household income data to Data window. Read this article on how to do that: View data in tabular form.
  1. Select desired territory content in Data window using the box in the upper left corner of the window.
    Selecting county territory in Data window
  1. Click Filter icon located on Data window toolbar.
  1. ‘Filter data’ dialog will pop up. Inside the dialog select Demographic data and Median household income. Then choose ‘>=’ for greater or equal operation and enter desired income value into corresponding box. Click Filter button to apply that filter criteria to Data window.
  1. All you need now is to update territory with counties or states found by the data filter. Click puzzle icon with two arrows on Data window toolbar as shown on the following picture.
  1. In wizard that will start select ‘All geographies visible in Data window’ on first page and click Next button.

    On second page select ‘Update’ option, desired territory, if not already selected, and click Edit button. The territory will be updated on map.
  1. Following help articles may be useful when designing territories:
  1. This article explains how to show total sales or demographic data value in territory label: Customize territory labels.