Edit location's data values

In MapBusinessOnline you can edit data values of any location plotted on a map. This article demonstrates how to modify all location's data values except its address. Refer to the Edit location's address article to learn how to modify location's address.

  1. One approach is to start editing location's data from the map. Select a location on the map. Mini-toolbar will appear near the selected location. Click the gear icon on the toolbar to open Location window.
  1. Make sure that General tab is selected in Location window to access the data view of the location. Edit the data values and hit "Save data edits" button to commit the changes. Note the ruler on top of the data view. Slide its thumb to control the split between column names and edit boxes. The window is resizable for your convenience.
  1. Alternatively you can start editing data from Data window. Select a row in Data window or stop the mouse cursor over a row. You will see the pencil icon in the first data column. Click it to start editing.