Edit location data

You can edit data values and correct address for a location on map. This article describes how to edit all data values except location address. Refer to Edit location address article for address editing capabilities.

  1. You can edit location data from map. Select a location on map. Small toolbar will appear near location and MapBusinessOnline will open Location properties dialog. If for some reason the dialog is not open just click ‘gear’ icon on the small toolbar.
  1. Now you can edit data in Location properties dialog. Once you are ready don’t forget to save changes by pressing ‘Save data edits’ button.
  1. As an alternative you can start editing data from Data window. Stop mouse cursor over left-most column within the row you want to edit. You will see small pencil icon.

    Click that icon for menu to appear.
    In the menu select ‘Edit properties and data’. That will open Location properties dialog where you can edit data.