Edit map legend

This article describes how to resize map legend, customize map legend content, and show or hide map legend.
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In MapBusinessOnline you can control map legend size, content, and visibility. By default map legend appears if you have a dataset or a map layer visible.

You can move and resize map legend.

  1. To move map legend just press mouse button when mouse pointer is over map legend and move mouse pointer. Map legend will follow mouse pointer. Release mouse button when map legend is in right position.

    To resize map legend hover mouse pointer over legend’s border. Mouse pointer will change to two arrows. Press mouse button and drag mouse. That will resize map legend. Release mouse button to finish resizing.

    Tip: If you resize map legend beyond its content then map legend will shrink back to the content when you release mouse button. But map legend will remember that larger size as its maximum allowed size for future changes on map.
    Tip: If your resized map legend so that not all content can fit then if you hover mouse pointer over map legend it will show message with prompt to enlarge map legend.

    Picture below shows some forms of map legend you can achieve.

You can edit map legend content.

  1. Hover mouse pointer over map legend. Small gear and cross buttons will appear. Click gear button.
  1. ‘Edit map legend’ dialog will pop up. Inside the dialog you can select any dataset or map layer that is currently visible on map and edit legend content.
  1. To remove dataset or map layer from map legend just uncheck corresponding box.

    You can also edit map legend text: title, data column labels, or color-coding group (range) labels.

    Click ‘Update map legend’ button to apply any changes you have made to map legend.

    Click small cross icon at the upper right corner to close this dialog.

    Finally if you want to restore map legend settings to defaults click corresponding button.

You can hide map legend from map.

  1. Hover mouse pointer over map legend. Small gear and cross buttons will appear. Click cross button to hide map legend.

Map legend shows on map by default. But if you removed it from map follow these instructions to get legend back on map.

  1. Open ‘Manage map and data’ dialog as described below:
    1. Open Map & Data window if it is not already open. Click Map & Data tab centered on the left side of map.
    2. Click gear icon on Map & Data window toolbar. ‘Manage map and data’ dialog will pop up.
  1. Inside ‘Manage map and data’ dialog click ‘Edit legend’ button. ‘Edit map legend’ dialog will appear.
  1. In ‘Edit map legend’ dialog check ‘Show map legend’ box and press ‘Update map legend’ button. Map legend will show on map.