Export territories in KML format

MapBusinessOnline supports exporting map content in KML and KMZ formats for viewing and integrating the content with other software your company may have.

  1. Click the Territories icon in the Export section on the main toolbar. Export territories wizard will start.
  1. Choose a layer to export, data accuracy, and file format. The more detailed accuracy you select, the greater size the output file will have.

    Click Next.
  1. MBO will generate the file and inform you about the size of the output. That may take a few minutes depending on the size of your territory layer. Click the Save button in the wizard to choose a file to store the output.
  1. Below are quick view instructions on how to import the file in Google maps. For details, search the Web.
    • Launch your Web browser.
    • Navigate the browser to https://mymaps.google.com/
    • Choose an existing or create a new map.
    • In the panel on the left add a layer if necessary.
    • Click Import link in the layer.
    • Drag and drop or browse for the KML file in the Upload dialog.

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