Export territory assignments to a file

This article describes how to export territory assignments to a file.
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MapBusinessOnline is excellent tool to build and visualize sales territories. It provides a number of options for creating territories. Once you have your territories mapped, you may want to export information about territories to another application such as corporate CRM or workforce management software. In this article we will look at how to export territory assignments to a text file that can be imported into Excel or other software products.

  1. The option to export territory assignments is located in Data window.
    1. Start by opening Data Window. If it is not already open then click table icon on main toolbar.
    2. In Data window select map layer that is used for territory alignment - ZIP codes in our example.
  2. Now we can add Territory name and Territory count columns to Data window. To add the columns click ‘More data’ button located in the bottom-right of Data window.
  3. ‘Select data columns’ dialog will popup. In the dialog choose ‘General’ data group. Select Territory count and Territory data columns and click right arrow icon to add them to Data window. Finally click ‘Set data column’ button.
  4. Now you can see Territory and Territory count data columns in Data window.

    Let’s filter Data window to show only ZIP codes where you have a territory defined. Click filter icon to open ‘Filter data’ dialog.
  5. Enter filter criteria as shown below to lookup ZIP codes that belong to your market area. Click ‘Filter’ button in the ‘Filter data’ dialog to apply the filter.
  6. Now in Data window you will see all and only ZIP codes that are covered by a sales territory.
  7. Click Export data button on Data window toolbar and follow instructions to save file with territory assignments. If your territories overlap, choose Segment option in the first dialog of Export data wizard.