Run MBO in Google Chrome

This article describes how to fix compatibility issue when MapBusinessOnline runs in Google Chrome browser.

If you use Google Chrome it may have Flash player that is not supported by MapBusinessOnline.
Here is how to fix the issue:

  1. Start Google Chrome.
  1. Go to That Web page will say that you already have Adobe Flash Player built-in. This is because you have Flash player installed by Chrome, which we want to replace with System Flash player now.

    Note, Adobe’s page may change over time so if you can’t follow these instructions please don’t hesitate to contact us for help.
  1. Click Install Now button to start downloading and installing latest System Flash player. Please follow Adobe’s installation wizard to completion in order to correctly install System Flash player.

    Once you will have System Flash player installed please get back to follow these instructions further.

    Note, Adobe may refer to you Web browser as Firefox – ignore that as this install works for both Chrome and Firefox.
  1. After you have installed System Flash Player, enter chrome://flags/#enable-npapi into Chrome’s Web address line. You must see Enable NPAPI text yellow-highlighted at the top of the Web page. Click blue Enable link underneath ‘Enable NPAPI’ text. The link must change to Disable and the whole NPAPI item must change from grey to white.

    In case you don’t see Enable NPAPI flag on the page, you may have older version of Chrome browser and can directly proceed to step #6.
  1. Don’t skip this step! Close all Chrome’s tabs and windows and then restart Chrome again. This is necessary for Chrome to enable NPAPI.
  1. Enter chrome://plugins into Chrome’s Web address line. List of installed plug-ins will appear in Chrome’s window. Scroll down to Adobe Flash Player plug-in. There must be two Flash players, one disabled (grayed out).

    If you don’t see the second one then please go back to step #2 and make sure to install System Flash player. If you have System Flash player installed then try restarting your computer. Sometimes this is required after you enabled NPAPI settings.

    There is another possible issue with Chrome when plug-in list cannot be scrolled. To fix that just click on Details blue text at the top of the page. And then click it again to see details of plug-ins.
  1. Find Flash player that has “PepperFlash” as part of Location and "PPAPI (out-of-process)" Type. Usually this is the first one. Click Disable link to disable that Flash player. The Flash player will be grayed out.
  1. Click Enable link on the other Flash player to enable System Flash player. It may be that it is already enabled (not grayed out and the link says Disable instead of Enable). Don’t do anything in the case.
  1. Don’t skip this step! Close all Chrome’s tabs and windows and then restart Chrome again.
  1. Now you can point Chrome to MapBusinessOnline map page and it must work correctly in Google Chrome browser.