Highlight market area on map

In MapBusinessOnline you can define market area or territory by ZIP code, county, or state, just to mention a few alignment layers available. This article shows how to highlight a market area or sales territory on a map.

  1. Before you start with this article, setup your market area (territory). If you need help with that just follow instructions in one of these articles:
  1. You may want to zoom or pan your map to better view your market area. Check this article for help to navigate around map: Zoom & pan map.
  1. Now you are ready to highlight the market area on map. Open Data window if it is not already open by clicking the table icon on MapBusinessOnline toolbar.
  1. Select territory you have created in the box located in the upper left corner of Data window.
  1. Check ‘Filter data on map’ box to hide geography segments (ZIP codes in our example) that are not part of selected territory.
  1. You may want to change territory color and transparency. Change color by opening up color box in Data window and selecting a color.
  1. To change market area transparency follow these steps:
    1. Open Map & Data window if it is not already open.
    2. Move mouse pointer over territory layer name and click gear icon that will appear.
    3. ‘Manage map and data’ dialog with territory layer options will pop up. Slide Transparency to desired level.
  1. If you want to show market area over streets map, select Custom map template (if not already selected) and turn on visibility of Streets layer in Map & Data window. Turn off alignment layer (ZIP codes) display to view market area better.
  1. Finally you will have your market area highlighted over streets map as on the picture below.