Open MapPoint files

To open MapPoint map file (*.ptm) in MapBusinessOnline you just need a PC running Windows operating system with Microsoft® Excel and MapPoint installed. And certainly the Map Conversion Tool. That’s all! Here are more details on the environment:

  • Microsoft® Windows XP or higher
  • Microsoft® Excel 2007 or higher
  • Microsoft® MapPoint 2011 or 2013

Don’t expect converted MapPoint map to look exactly the same in MBO. While products are conceptually very close, they are different. And MapPoint is at least 4 years older! So you may still want to brush your map a bit after it has been converted. But MBO will complete most of map conversion for you and will save a lot of your time. Following are few examples of what may differ:

  • MapPoint contains old, sometimes obsolete data. Map conversion tool has to figure how to put in order old and new geographies. For example MBO needs to find which ZIP codes or Census tracts changed their borders, were split or merged.
  • Not all MapPoint data maps (color-coding in MBO terms) are supported in MBO. Yes, MapPoint can be superior in some areas. For example MBO doesn’t support logarithmic ranges.
  • MBO has no oval drawing figure so it will be skipped. That’s embarrassing but few users asked about ovals in MBO.

Now we are ready to go. Let’s explore how to convert a MapPoint map.

  1. Start by loading and installing MapBusinessOnline Windows or MacOS App, unless you already have one. Visit the Apps page in order to load MBO setup program.

  2. Go to Windows start menu, choose MapBusinessOnline group and run Map Conversion Tool.

    Map Conversion Tool is just a version of MapBusinessOnline App that will present MapPoint map import interface. Login with your MapBusinessOnline credentials if requested.
  3. Map conversion tool will show Welcome page. Nothing to do here. Just press ‘Next’ button.
  4. On next page choose .ptm file you want to convert. Use ‘Browse’ button or drag and drop your file here.

    You can see below a simple map we want to convert.

    Hit ‘Next’ when ready.
  5. Information message may popup about running Excel and MapPoint. Don’t worry, just click OK.
  6. The map import process will start. It may take from a minute to an hour depending on how much data do you have on the map. Map conversion tool will be showing progress with what it is processing.

  7. Once map has been converted you will get Completed page. You can click ‘View details’ link on the page to view more info on what might go wrong.
  8. Map conversion tool will save imported map on MBO server using your MapPoint map name. Now you can choose to import another map or hit ‘Close’ to view imported map.
  9. If you clicked Close and then decide to import new map - just quit MapBusinessOnline and restart map conversion tool as described at step #1.
Thank you!