Insert map image into Microsoft® Word

To insert your map image into Microsoft Word follow the steps below:

  1. Click Save map image on MapBusinessOnline toolbar. That will start ‘Save map image’ wizard.
  1. On the first page of the wizard select ‘Current map view’. There is also another option that you can use of saving map image that shows all conterminous states with inset maps of Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico.

    Select image format of your preference. MapBusinessOnline allows saving map image into one of the following formats:
    • JPEG File Interchange Format (*.jpg);
    • PNG Portable Network Graphics (*.png).

    Click Next.
  1. Next page will inform you about size of the map image created. Click Save image to save image to file. Specify path to the image file in the pop up dialog.
  1. To insert just saved map image, launch Microsoft Word and open new or existing document. Select Image/File option from Insert menu and specify just saved map image file in Open file dialog. Clicking Insert in the Open file dialog will place map image into your document.