Look up territory for a customer

This article demonstrates how to reveal territory name servicing particular customer.

  1. Start by plotting your customer dataset on map and building sales territories. Refer to these articles if you need help on the topics: Plot data from Microsoft® Excel, Manually create territories one-by-one, Import Territories from a File.
  1. One option to view territory name for a customer is to add territory name to location callout. That is what we will try to show below.
  1. You can modify customer dataset callouts in ‘Manage map and data dialog’. First of all open Map & Data window if it is not already open.
  1. Move mouse pointer over customer dataset name (Contacts in the example below) and click gear icon that will appear.
  1. ‘Manage map and data’ dialog with customer dataset options will pop up. Go to callouts tab and click ‘Format callouts’ button.
  1. In ‘Format callouts’ dialog, that will appear, scroll to first available callout information line (look for numbered check box that is unchecked – vacant).
  1. Check the box to add the line to callout and select Territory column in the drop down. Click ‘Change callouts’ to apply the changes.
  1. Now if you stop mouse pointer over a customer symbol or open callout for a customer location you will see its territory.