Make a radius map

This article describes how to create and print a radius map.
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  1. Enter radius map center address into search box on MapBusinessOnline toolbar and click binocular icon. Format center address like this: 1 Main street, Newburyport, MA. You can also use ZIP code or city name (Newburyport, MA).
  1. MapBusinessOnline will find and zoom to center location. Click circle icon on found location mini-toolbar.
  1. ‘Circle radius’ dialog will popup. Enter desired radius and click ‘Set radius’ button.
  1. MapBusinessOnline will add radius to map - 50 miles radius around 92373 in our example. Click magnifying glass icon on the mini-toolbar.
  1. Map will zoom to the radius and your radius map is ready!
  1. You can continue and print a large radius map as following.
  1. Click printer icon on main toolbar. Make sure you have your radius (circle) selected. If it’s not selected just click the circle and it will be selected.
  1. In ‘Select print options’ dialog choose print options as you can see on the picture below. Click ‘Next’ button.
  1. Select if you want to keep radius on map and click ‘Next’ button.
  1. Enter map title and choose paper and printout size. Click ‘Next’ button.
  1. MapBusinessOnline will generate output PDF. When output is ready click ‘Save as PDF’ button.
  1. Platform specific file dialog will popup for you to save generated PDF for your radius map.