Optimize stops order in route

This article describes how to add stops to route, calculate route, and optimize stops order in route.

In MapBusinessOnline you can calculate route between multiple stops and optimize stops order to reduce total drive time and fuel consumption. Stops can be added from map, Data window, or by typing location address in Route window.

  1. To begin with routing you may want to plot customers or planned visits list on map. You can learn how to plot data on map by reading these articles: Plot data from Microsoft® Excel, Plot data from text file.
  1. Open Route window by clicking car icon on MapBusinessOnline toolbar.
  1. You can add stops from Route window using ‘Add stop’ link. Enter stop address and click plus icon on the right. If MapBusinessOnline cannot find exact address location it will prompt you with list of possible candidates. Use Name box to give your stop a name.

    When stop is added map will zoom to show it on streets map.
  1. You can mark some stops as favorites. Just move mouse pointer over stop in Route window and click star icon. That way you can mark your home or office address as favorite (multiple addresses can be marked as favorites) and then select it from list of favorites instead of typing it over and over again.
  1. You can also add stops from map as following:
    1. Click to select any symbol or pushpin on map. Its callout will open.
    2. Move mouse pointer over that callout. You will see small car icon (really small). Click it to add selected location to route.
    3. In menu that will appear select how you want to add selected location to route.
  1. You can also add one or multiple stops from Data window to route. Use Circle and Polygon search, or data Filter to create marketing list with customers to visits. Read these articles for more information: Search data by radius, Search data in polygon, View data in tabular form.
  1. Select list of customers to visit in Data window.
  1. You can add individual rows from Data window as stops to route. Just hover mouse pointer over name column and click route icon that will appear. Select how you want to add that stop to route.
  1. You can also add all customers in your list to route by clicking following icon on Data window toolbar.
  1. Once you have all stops in Route window you can calculate route and optimize stops order. Make sure that ‘Optimize stops order’ is checked. Click car icon on Route window toolbar.
  1. It may take some time for route to get calculated. Once it is ready it will appear on map and Route window will show directions. To open or hide directions between two stops use blue arrow button that appears when mouse pointer hovers over a stop.
  1. You can print route plan and directions by using printer icon on Route window toolbar.